Thursday, 8 December 2011

Wise open-minded non-racist nationalists have to choose me if they want change within their lifetimes

This is what the Liberal Left thinks of Nationalism and Nationalists.

Nationalists are basically marginalised white working class men who refuse to roll over and die. 

I actually do not expect the lower classes (let us not mince words here) to have the best of manners, ethics and education. 

I say lower classes not to be gratuitously offensive, but to explain things more clearly.   The poorest people are the ones who do not like where they live and do not like the people living around them.  The wealthiest people all live in neighbourhoods they wish to live in, because that is what money buys you.

In a country where the poorest are paid by the state to eat themselves fat, the first rung of aspiration is the kind of neighbourhood you live in and whether you like your neighbours.  The poor always hate their neighbours and the wealthy have the means to live where they like.

The poor mostly hate living with other poor people and move out as soon as they can, while those who do not have the enterprise, imagination and the will find themselves in a minority in their own land.   If you can, you move to a neighbourhood with the people of the class and race you feel comfortable with or would like to feel comfortable with.

The poor also mind being treated worse than foreigners, and that is the bottom line, really - an injustice they feel is crying out to heaven to be avenged.  "This is our land.  Why can we not kick around the foreigner here in just the way we know that foreigners in their countries kick around their foreigners?

The reasons for this can be found at

I actually told them why what has happened to them has happened to them, and for my trouble was expelled.  

The white urban proletariat, who would otherwise not be interested in politics, only became part of the nationalist movement when they started to realise that they are being treated noticeably worse than foreigners, which is of course a grave insult. 

Something inside them tells them that this is not quite right, and they refuse to shut up about it however hard the liberals try to intimidate them into silence by calling them Nazi Fascist evil extremist racists, but, because they are not very well-educated and an ill-disciplined rabble who are mostly illegitimate and lead the chaotic lives of the undeserving poor, they do not do very well in politics, and are liable to be exploited by their leaders. 

And of course they are despised and rejected for what they are and appear to be, in social and political terms.   They are seen as the party of CHAVs, lowlife and losers.   No one who goes into politics to advance himself would touch them with a bargepole, apart from me, perhaps.  

Their solution would be to choose me, but I know they won't because I am not white. Even if they admit that I would do the job better, they still wouldn't, because that is what they are like. They would rather die than admit that I could do the job better. Even if the survival of their very race depends on it, they would continue to reject me.

It is precisely because I am not white and not male that makes me ideal for the job, because I would confuse the liberal enemy.   

And they would know that I understand them better than they understand themselves, and can move in circles which are closed to them.   

All they have to do is just say they are considering supporting me, for the moment, to start the ball rolling.

Or, they will find that like Eddy Butler, they are finished in nationalism, or that nationalism is finished or worse, that their nation is finished.   

Nick Griffin "used to like to boast that if anyone ‘crossed’ him, then they would be ‘finished’ in nationalism."

Dump ethno-nationalism, choose me as leader of radical civic nationalism (to "cleanse" yourself of racism as far as the public is concerned) or you will find that your career in politics is over just like Eddy's now is.  His career can only be retrieved by doing something bold and ambitious, and he has already said he has no stomach for this.   

I am forgiving and understanding of the weaknesses of men, but especially of nationalist men.  Even as Eddy has joined the English Democrats, he will be assured of a warm political embrace from me, once he abandons the idea that all nationalism needs is a caretaker leader.    (Caretaker leaders are not a luxury open to the likes of nationalists, however.  What the nationalist movements needs is a leader prepared to take risks, not go on Euro-poncing junkets - which to my mind is the nationalist equivalent of strutting around on the international stage shaking hands with other leaders of other nationalist movements when there are more urgent matters to attend to at home.)  I already know that my deeds and words are in harmony and are seen as such by the objective bystander, for my deeds have been perfectly consistent with what I believe, which is to tell the truth as I see it, because no one else seems to dare to  these days.

If Eddy really thinks he is capable of turning around the bunch of losers in the English Democrats led by the dullest man in England without changing its motherhood and apple pie platitudes that masquerade as policies, then he is sadly mistaken.   If he thinks the BNP are useless and futile, he will discover an even more profound level of uselessness and futility in that party of Eurosceptic rejects.   

But it does not have to be Eddy necessarily, just a nationalist of sufficient prominence, maturity, imagination, flexibility, ambition and INFLUENCE, who has the self-confidence to assess the viability of what I have in mind.

Yes, I do know how scarce is the talent amongst all the political parties, so I should not expect too much.. 

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