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Questions to ask about Israel

There are two Orthodox Jews who are my Facebook friends (one of them is even a Rabbi!) forever denouncing me for denouncing Never Married Mothers.  One of them even suggested that I may be sexually frustrated, and below is the kind of thing he regularly says to me:

In fact I think that you have serious medical issues that have resulted in your views and hatreds. Were you abused as a child? Were you the victim of a rape? Were you pregnant but decided to abort the child, and via a reverse psychological trauma, put your distress at losing a child on those who decided not to abort. If not, it's something similar as your views border on psychosis.

I suggest that you stop masturbating on the Internet and start doing it for real - you may get more long lasting satisfaction that way, and you'd probably stop acting like the frustrated bitch on heat that you've been in the last few posts. (Your inability to read and understand comments shows your mind is elsewhere - hence my theory it is all to do with childhood trauma and current frustrations).

It seems to me to be rank hypocrisy for him to claim to be a good Jew (or even a Jew at all)  while denouncing me for following the spirit of his religion when I regularly denounce Never Married Mothers or Slut Single Mums ("SSMs").

I  believe they are Christianised, feminised and liberalised Jews, who would rather not incur the disapproval of  the liberal political establishment and their political masters by joining me in denouncing Slut Single Mums.  You would have thought that their religion - which is infamously hard on unmarried mothers and their illegitimate offspring - would have made them join forces with me, but not a bit of it.  (Indeed, it has come to my notice that even their Lord Chief Rabbi is really rather like a woolly liberal.)  

I do not after all propose to stone them to death, or anything really nasty like that, merely criticise and challenge them in a way that might have an effect on their behaviour, and get the liberal political establishment to consider policies that would be quick, cheap and effective in discouraging widespread illegitimacy.

Even my proposal to lash them 100 times is really tongue in cheek, since such a law, if ever passed, would happen only if I come into power, and even then I would not make such a law retrospective, acquainted as I am with the rules of natural justice.

I was told by a certain Ruth Dudley Edwards that Tel Aviv is a gay-friendly city, and this was what started the  debate.

RuthDE Ruth Dudley Edwards
This isn't about freedom of speech: it's about dangerous homophobia: #homophobia:

1party4all Claire Khaw
@RuthDE Judaism, Christianity and Islam have always been "homophobic".

RuthDE Ruth Dudley Edwards
@1party4all But Tel Aviv and London are now the most gay-friendly cities

1party4all Claire Khaw
I have been told by @RuthDE that Tel Aviv is a gay-friendly city. This would suggest that Israel has been *infected* by liberal mores.

RuthDE Ruth Dudley Edwards
@1party4all Not infected. The majority O'S Israelis are social liberals v

RuthDE Ruth Dudley Edwards
@1party4all Tel Avid is a leading gay capital. Like Christianity - Judaism has modernised

1party4all Claire Khaw
@RuthDE Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that Judaism and Christianity have STRAYED. @anjemchoudary

1party4all Claire Khaw
@RuthDE If you are now gay-friendly when your holy book says "stone them to death" then I think it would be fair to say you have STRAYED.

1party4all Claire Khaw
@RuthDE Would you say that the Torah and the Talmud are "social liberal"? @JewishChron @JewishIdeas @chiefrabbi

1party4all Claire Khaw
Y should Jews who do not follow their religion hv a right to reside in Israel? @JewishIdeas @JewishChron @chiefrabbi @anjemchoudary @RuthDE

1party4all Claire Khaw
If Judaism is a religion n Jews were persecuted cos they followed their religion, then the State of Israel should by rights be a theocracy?

1party4all Claire Khaw
If the Jews who do not practice their religion in Israel left Israel, there may be enough land to share with the Palestinian Arabs.

Thus shall I bring about peace in the Middle East by this perfectly practical and fair solution.  Jews who don't practice their religion and don't believe in God should depart from Israel.

I have just been told that about half of them don't, so we no longer need the two-state solution because there will be plenty of land to go around once the secular Jews depart Israel because they do not want to be stoned to death for the crimes listed at

The Israelite Torah, which is the Old Testament of the Christian Bible and as such serves as a common religious reference, prescribes death by stoning for the following:

  1. Touching Mount Sinai while God was giving Moses the Ten Commandments (Exodus 19:13)
  2. An ox that gores someone to death should be stoned (Exodus 21:28)
  3. Breaking the Shabbat (Numbers 15:32-36)
  4. Giving one's "seed" (presumably one's offspring) "to Molech" (Leviticus 20:2-5)
  5. Having a "familiar spirit" (or being a necromancer) or being a "wizard" (Lev. 20:27)
  6. Cursing God (Lev. 24:10-16)
  7. Engaging in idolatry (Deuteronomy 17:2-7) or seducing others to do so (Deut. 13:7-12)
  8. "Rebellion" against parents (Deut. 21,21)
  9. Getting married as though a virgin, when not a virgin (Deut. 22:13-21)
  10. Sexual intercourse between a man and a woman engaged to another man (both should be stoned, Deut. 22:23-24)

The Mishna gives the following list of persons who should be stoned.

"To the following sinners stoning applies – אלו הן הנסקלין

  1. one who has had connection with his mother – הבא על האם
  2. with his father's wife – ועל אשת האב
  3. with his daughter-in-law – ועל הכלה
  4. with a human male – ועל הזכור
  5. or with cattle – ועל הבהמה
  6. and the same is the case with a woman who uncovers herself before cattle – והאשה המביאה את הבהמה
  7. with a blasphemer – והמגדף
  8. an idolater – והעובד עבודת כוכבים
  9. he who sacrifices one of his children to Moloch – והנותן מזרעו למולך
  10. one that occupies himself with familiar spirits – ובעל אוב
  11. a wizard – וידעוני
  12. one who violates the Sabbath – והמחלל את השבת
  13. one who curses his father or mother – והמקלל אביו ואמו
  14. one who has assaulted a betrothed damsel – והבא על נערה המאורסה
  15. a seducer who has seduced men to worship idols – והמסית
  16. and the one who misleads a whole town – והמדיח

I wonder how many Slut Single Mums there are in Israel and whether the Israelis have been cursed by God (again) for the Jews are such naughty naughty people and bring such terrible trouble on themselves and others that the Romans chased them out of their own land. is a warning and a reminder for the Jews if they are really full of gays and Slut Single Mums just like the West, who are already cursed by God. lists the ones cursed.  This comes from the Book of Common Prayer - an Anglican source - but I am sure it applies to Jews too.  

When will I be hailed by the Jews as their Messiah?  I do hope they are not going to be sexist and racist about it!

The Nobel Peace Prize will do very nicely indeed if the Jews cannot bring themselves to acknowledge me as their Messiah, thank you very much.

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