Sunday, 15 January 2012

Was Diane Abbott racially abusing BLACK people this time?

Jade Knight a black woman who supports marriage and family values and wants a  job in politics.  Sadly , for her, there is no party AT ALL in the UK prepared to uncompromisingly support family values.  She is one smart cookie though.  If I were leader of the BNP I would invite her to join my party immediately.

Diane Abbot, a black racist Labour MP who is on record for racially abusing white people and their ancestors and  who is now apparently racially abusing black people by suggesting that black people do not believe in marriage and family values and that those who do, like Jade Knight, are not doing "the black thing".

Why is a black Tory asking a black Labour politician for a job? If she was hoping for  preferential treatment from Diane Abbot on grounds of race then Diane Abbott rightly gave her short shrift.

She explained to Ms Abbott that she was a committed Christian and had become a conservative with a small ‘c’ after working with disadvantaged black and Hispanic children in America.

‘Many were badly behaved and came from broken homes with no male figure and surrounded by crack addicts,’ she said. ‘I had lived for a while with an aunt and uncle in Georgia in America where most black parents were married and the kids were much better behaved.

‘It convinced me that social conservatism, with its emphasis on family values, is right.

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This exchange was revealing in that Diane Abbott appears to be saying:

  1. black people do not support family values and are mostly sluts and bastard criminals
  2. Labour does not support family values and wish to encourage more sluts and bastards to become welfare-dependent at the expense of the British taxpayer so that Labour continues to maintain its support base.
Where do I get this idea?

Dianne Abbott told Jade Knight, "You’re a black conservative, you don’t do the black thing" because Jade Knight told her she believed that "social conservatism, with its emphasis on family values, is right."

What is "the black thing"?

Being a slut and bastard gangsta, of course!  What else could she have meant?

Perhaps Ed Miliband should sack her this time for bringing the party into disrepute, with her incorrigible racism, both against white people and black people.   

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