Thursday, 2 February 2012

Anti-Griffin Nationalist Unity Meetings in the South and the North

When I asked it would be OK for me to attend a Nationalist Meeting to take place soon up North, I was told:

"X who's is helping organise [the Nationalist Unity] meeting in [a northern city] got back to me after having made extensive enquiries  and it seems some people weren't too happy with you attending due to your perceived, (note PERCEIVED), closeness to Griffin.  Most other attendees were happy to have you attend (and report things in your blog) but there were a few who still see you as a Griffinite.  However, X did say that this in no way means that you won't be able to attend future events, but that at this delicate stage its important that people FEEL free to express themselves freely and talk to each other without fear of things getting back to NG."

Well, that's actually quite nice to know.   I think most nationalists know I was expelled in July 2011 and have been banned from attending BNP meetings since October 2011.  These things do not happen without the knowledge and direction of the Chairman.   

I have also been told that the Chairman called me "an Nazi" when someone asked him his opinion of me.  I would say that this does not  indicate a relationship of closeness between the Chairman and me.

It is actually a relief not to have to go up north, even if I am ever so slightly disappointed not to meet a few nationalists I have got to know online recently.

I have just yesterday attended another meeting in London whose theme was also nationalist unity so it seems that they are taking place all over the country, which is a Good Thing, as it shows that nationalist "freelancers" - code name for those of us who have expelled from the BNP - may be down but are not out and are certainly getting up, out and about.

If I could have attended I would say the following:

1.  If they cannot find an alternative leader - and it appears that they are nowhere near finding another leader - any attempt to start up a rival organisation would be dead in the water.

2.  Apart from the taint of racism, what the voter finds most objectionable about the BNP is their anti-business economic policies.

3.  The Nazi Party was in fact the German Labour Party that managed to get its funding from German industrialists.  Any national movement cannot appeal to only one class alone and must appeal to both the working and middle classes.  If what nationalists want is the unfashionable Old Labour Party with an anti-immigrant ethos, it is unlikely that this will find favour with the British public.!/ProgressOnline

ProgressOnline ProgressOnline
'The electorate are crying out for labour to listen to how anti-social behaviour and immigration affects their lives' says Joan Ryan #ncg12
31 Jan 2012

As you can see, traditional Nationalist concerns are being voiced by the more sensible elements of the Labour Party.  It is therefore a matter of calibrating and fine-tuning the nationalist message to widen its appeal.
4.   Talking in racial terms will never appeal to the majority of white voters who are already too hooked on cheap foreign labour, Thai/Chinese/Indian food, have mixed-race children and friends and family to get it together to forcibly repatriate non-white British citizens.  

5.   The Ethno-Nationalism v Civic Nationalism debate is a dead end.  Nationalism should be defined as an ideology of pursuing the National Interest, and the National Interest cannot be about any particular race or class but a judicious balancing of the conflicting interests of those who are part of the Nation.

6.   The only thing the Nationalist movement can usefully do now is bounce the LibLabCon into stealing its policies.

7.   Nationalists need to define their ideology rationally, coherently and in a way that would appeal to the British public.   (I can help with that.)

8.  The Nationalist movement needs to find a leader both capable of having the respect and trust of nationalists and appealing to the British voter.  (I can help with that.)

9.  There is no reason why a nationalist leader cannot be elected from outside the BNP.  Such an elected leader would have legitimacy and authority, and, such a leader could then have a party that goes on to rival and surpass the BNP, if such a leader has the trust and respect of nationalists and is able to connect with the voter.   If nationalists cannot even get it together to find a leader they trust and respect, then the whole nationalist movement is a dead duck anyway.   

10.  Without a leader they are NOTHING just as a leader without followers is NOTHING.  

11.  There should be Nationalist Club if only to allow the opportunity of having a Code of Conduct to be drawn up.

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