Monday, 26 March 2012

How I would deal with the relentless intimidation of nationalists by Searchlight and Hate Not Hope

Instead of scapegoating the people who still attend my meetings on the grounds that they stand out or are considered odd by the others, I would do as follows:

  1. Publicise the speakers and venue of the next meeting once I have got a venue.
  2. Apologise to people who want to come to the meeting for failing to find a venue because Hate Not Hope and Searchlight always manage to intimidate publicans into not hiring their function rooms to me.
  3. Denounce CAMRA who show no inclination of defending free speech, but who have instead been hijacked by feminist anti-smokers who want to destroy free speech and to turn every pub into a place in which any woman or foreigner would feel comfortable entering.   Why are they turning pubs (which used to be the retreat for white heterosexual men who want to get away from their women) into places for women, children, foreigners and LGBTs?   "As well as the quality of the real ale other factors such as sympathy with CAMRA's aims, service and welcome, clientele mix, atmosphere and value for money are taken into account."  Have feminists extended their control to the breweries and your pub?  Is it their intention to close all pubs down so no man will any longer enjoy free speech, or escape from women and children?   
  4. Run an online campaign demonstrating that the fundamental principles of liberty, ie free speech and freedom of association, are no longer practised, much less understood in the benighted nation of Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland. 

This online campaign would simply consist of 

(a) declaring an intention to hold a meeting whose venue will be known from the beginning to Hate Not Hope and Searchlight, giving a list of named speakers and the subjects on which they will be speaking

(b) giving a lengthening list of public houses who will refuse to allow us to use their function rooms because they have been told by Searchlght and Hate Note Hope that they would be fire-bombed or their managers sacked by their employers if they persist in defending free speech

All that requires is the ability to speak and pick up a phone and say, even if you are elderly and have a gammy leg:

"Hello, Publican with a Function Room.  

We are what the liberal establishment would call Nazis, Fascists and Far Right, though really we are just a bunch of old men with gammy legs who like to complain about the liberal establishment and hear each other speak at regular  intervals.  It is true that we do occasionally express views that Jews, foreigners and other races may find offensive.  We have not had a single new idea in decades because, whenever one of our number dares to do such a heinous thing, he or she will be sure to be denounced as a Searchlight informant and a grass, and barred from attending any further meetings. 

Anyway, we would like the use of your Function Room for one of our meetings.  We feel morally obliged to warn you that the moment Searchlight or Hate Not Hope hear of this meeting, they will send their boys round to give the impression that your pub might be fire-bombed or you might lose your job if you are an employee of the owner of the pub.  Is this something you would be prepared to do?  No?  I thought not.  

Your establishment will now be added to the long long list of pubs that will not hire a function room to us.   In fact, we do not believe that there is a publican in the land brave enough to hire a function room to us and it is the intention of this campaign to prove that there is no free speech in this country at all, because no one, but no one, is any longer prepared to defend it, except Claire Khaw, though she is absolutely no good to the nationalist movement, because she is female and foreign, and it is the intention of elderly male nationalists with gammy legs to exclude her from the nationalist movement until the day they shuffle off into the next world."   

I would have thought even these old dears with gammy legs might just stretch to this.  In fact, this was what I suggested to Jez Turner, but all he could do was shake his head and murmur weakly that nationalism is a "delicate flower" that would instantly shrivel up and die the moment it is exposed to sunlight, fresh ideas and new people.  

Fortunately, not all of them are like that.   David Jones of the British People's Party who is hoping to be elected councillor in Todmorden on 3 May 2012 is certainly not an old dinosaur.   He is what you would call a Young Gun, and he gives me hope.   Any nationalist with energy, ambition and determination with social skills and the ability to work with people should be supported, especially if he is not trotting out the usual "social welfare for whites only" claptrap.  David Jones speaks like an old-fashioned Conservative who believes in family values, lower taxes and fewer laws and has a no-nonsense approach to the overweening welfare state.  He is the first nationalist brave and honest enough to admit that white people are sometimes the author of their own misfortunes, rather than blaming only the Jews, Muslims, other races and the EU.  I would be very very very happy indeed to work with him in the name of nationalist unity and better race relations.

Ethno-Nationalist and Civic Nationalist shaking hands

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Brilliant stuff, Claire.