Sunday, 4 March 2012

Nick Griffin fears to discuss eugenics

Compare and contrast Nick Griffin's PC Liberal views on disabled and unwanted children with mine.

Nick Griffin's:

Sick beyond belief! Medical 'ethicist' Francesca Minerva writes in British Medical Journal that newborn babies are no different to late term unborn ones (that bit's true) & so it's Ok to kill them if they are disabled or unwanted. Tell you what, she's unwanted. Is it ok to kill her?

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I really think anyone who aspires to be in charge of the ship of state should have the courage to discuss eugenics.  

Eugenics is the "applied science or the bio-social movement which advocates the use of practices aimed at improving the genetic composition of a population", usually referring to the manipulation of human populations.  See

Before I am accused of being a Nazi by the Chairman and his supporters - something I have been told he has already done, may I point out that the Romans also practised eugenics?

"The laws of the Twelve Tables required the pater familias to ensure that "obviously deformed" infants were put to death."

This is of course the patriarchy asserting itself.  The matriarchy would assert itself by using disabled offspring to enhance their status, in the way Riven Vincent has done with her daughter Celyn, who is blind, cannot lift her head or move any of her limbs.

The more disabled their offspring the greater its dependency, the greater the dependency of their offspring, the higher the mother rises in the pecking order of mothers, to be so needed by its disabled offspring.  The most extreme form of this behaviour is Munchausen syndrome by proxy explained at

Lonely people - both men and women - are encouraged to keep pets just to have some living creature need them and depend on them and presumably care if they live or die.  

Busy men with things to do have quite enough people already dependent on them without going around looking for the severely disabled or pets to validate their own existences because of their dependency.

Women whose biological function to minister to the young and helpless are in a different position however, and it is not unknown for mothers to tie their adult sons to their apron strings so that they still feel needed.  A disabled child would never escape the apron strings of the kind of woman, of course, who are sometimes displayed as a kind of perverted status symbol.  

One should also bear in mind that Marriage is eugenic in nature and the tolerance of Slut Single Mums is anti-eugenic in nature.  Any ideology that tolerates Slut Single Mums is an ideology that condones female promiscuity, and any society that tolerates female promiscuity will sooner or later come a cropper, because they will come to be ruled by the feminine vices of hypocrisy, cowardice, prevarication, denial and irrationality.

Nick Griffin prefers to pander to these weaknesses to show he is normal paid-up member of Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.  By refusing to discuss the consequences of tolerating SSMs he is pandering to the female vote, even if it will put up your taxes.  I on the other hand am inclined to scorn and despise any pandering to stupid promiscuous women who make bad reproductive decisions, because it will put your taxes when you have to bail them out.

Marriage is eugenic in just the same way that the law criminalising incest is eugenic.

If  you wonder why Muslim thugs nowadays bully and intimidate even elderly white people in Bradford parks for walking in "their" territory,  I would suggest that it is because Muslims think white men are mostly paedos and bastards, white women are mostly Slut Single Mums and slags, and elderly white people have offspring who are slags, paedos, bastards and Slut Single Mums.   

They just want to show their utter contempt for a race of people who think it is OK to tolerate sluts, bastards and paedos.    

Now that they have the whip hand, they will deal you drugs, groom your adolescent school girls whose slut single mums allow to wander the streets after school so they can sexually exploit them, because white people are mostly drunken white scum who have no pride, feel no shame and deserve all they get for letting the foreigners into their country because they are too busy knocking up illegitimate children which they don't bring up properly or at all, claiming welfare and watching daytime TV to work.   No sensible white employer would want to hire them anyway.

Below is a Muslim trying to be as polite as possible about what he thinks of his now degenerate former colonial masters.

‘This kind of system is not good,’ said Mr Rossli, whose only trip outside Malaysia before the attack on his son was a tour of duty in Bosnia in the Nineties
 ‘I believe if you are physically well, if there is nothing wrong with you, you should work. They shouldn’t give money to people who can work but don’t.
‘You should only give this money to the right people – people who are disabled, people who are ill, people who are in hardship. But not to people who are well and can work, but choose not to.’
Asked what he thought of the youths who attacked his son, Mr Rossli said: ‘It is up to parents to raise their children. Children need to be taught civic responsibility and discipline as they grow up.’  
And he was also critical of the police. ‘The police in Malaysia would have taken action sooner,’ he said. 
‘Your police let it grow and grow until it was out of control. I don’t understand why people were allowed to run riot and rob in that way. 
'Here in Malaysia the police can catch you and grab you if you do something wrong. But in Britain it seems that you cannot.’
Malaysia’s government is known for being authoritarian, but Mr Rossli said: ‘After this happened, people asked Ashraf why he went outside when there were riots and he replied, “Because in Malaysia we are always free to walk outside”. 
'We have a tough government in Malaysia, but when something like this happens, they take action. They don’t let it get out of control. The streets are safe.’

It ought to be pretty obvious that the British are now so degenerate that the even the leader of the party that is supposed to promote the interests of the white race is too cowardly and hypocritical to discuss eugenics, but instead prefers to give the impression that he is cooing over disabled babies, leaving this necessary work of ideological sewage clearance to be done by a female and a foreigner, whom he has been rumoured to describe as a "Nazi".   

The Chairman of the BNP does not apparently understand that marriage is eugenic and that feminism is anti-eugenic.   In any case, he is too afraid to uncompromisingly promote family values supported by marriage because most BNP members are illegitimate and are even irrational enough to believe that family values can be supported without marriage, just like members of the liberal establishment.  

Sadly for the white indigenous people whom he claims to represent, they are too weak, stupid and frightened to think for themselves, or even to say or do what is necessary to save themselves.  

Next time one of them is insulted, abused or attacked by a Muslim, they should know the thinking behind this.  The Muslims thugs who bully and intimidate whites want to show they are not like them and will never be like them, no matter how long they live in the Land of the Slut Bastard Paedo, because their religion is supposed to protect their men from such despicable state of racial degeneracy.


Heather said...

You do raise some interesting subjects that are too often swept under the carpet. You rightly attack emotional hysteria and hypocrisy a lot. It would be easy to dismiss you as having no compassion whatsoever.
How do you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 in terms of having compassion?

Claire Khaw said...

I would say 5. If I did not have compassion at all, and no desire to help anyone who is not my sex, class and my race, then I would not have joined the BNP.

Having joined the party, I see how the Chairman has over the years exploited the activists, who are probably the most socially, economically and intellectually disadvantaged class in the country. He knows they have nowhere to go, and knows he can get away with it, because they are mostly stupid and scared. Anyone who has joined the BNP will find the membership of the next biggest Eurosceptic party closed to them. If they want to join another party to have their revenge on Nick Griffin, there is only the NF (if they want to go harder right) or the English Democrats (if they want to go soft and sappy).

Nationalism is most certainly not the continuation of the welfare state but with no other races in your country, as Nick Griffin appears to think.

The role of the honourable politician is to discuss the taking of necessary and unavoidably unpopular decisions and to think the unthinkable.

If the Big 3 parties cannot do so,then this burden falls on the fringe parties. It is disappointing and disgusting that the BNP do not really offer a coherent alternative at all, and cannot even pay lip service to their own principles.

I do make a point of displaying reason in preference to displaying emotion. I know this is not popular or feminine, but it is the only way of coming to the notice of the British public.