Saturday, 28 April 2012

Fevered speculation about "Nazi Dave", Jeffrey Marshall and me in VNN

"This Jeffrey Marshall character. Is he a Talmudist Jew, or a Torah Jew? Furthermore, is he a Zionist or an anti-Zionist?"

Well, I personally do not think he is a Jew at all.  We were just visiting synagogues on Open London Day 2011.

"Civic nationalism is TREASON and is INTERNATIONALISM."

What silly people these VNN men are.  Embracing Civic Nationalism does not mean you care less about your own people, it is just a change of TACTICS.

May I point out that the Roman Empire was Civic Nationalist?

"I doubt Claire Khaw is with Searchlight. More likely some shady government connection. Her background isn't known. Hong Kong Chinese were heavily involved in such matters. Royal Hong Kong Police, Royal Navy listening posts, and also Chinese anti-communist elements. Khaw could have such connections."

"Such matters"?  WHAT matters?

I don't mind them making out that I am some sort of an Oriental Mata Hari.  Trust me, if I were a spy I would be a little more discreet.

(I have tried to join VNN to clear up a few misconceptions about me but they wouldn't even let me join.  This was rather worse than Stormfront, who at least let me join, post one post, before disabling my account.)

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