Friday, 6 April 2012

How to move Right and get the votes of social conservatives of *all* races

Sceptical Facebook friend:

"A fools errand if ever there was one. Blacks and muslims know where their bread is buttered and will continue to vote for Labour/ Lib Dem or any of the other overtly anti-white parties. If it wanted to make inroads into the ethnic vote the tory party would have to become even more pro-multicultural than it already is and lose even more of its traditional supporters."

Being the eternal optimist I am, I believe it is possible to both capture the non-white vote and shift the politics of the nation to the Right.

Unlike this Facebook friend of mine, I already know that many non-white British voters have been complaining about immigration for quite a while.  They are tired of being shouted at by liberals who remind them that they too are immigrants.  They are also tired of being dared to join the BNP by the liberals who mock them for daring to be immigrants complaining about immigraiton.  

But all this would only work if I am leader of the BNP or an equivalent party, or at any rate co-leader.

UKIP is just as Islamophobic as the BNP.  UKIP peer Lord Pearson of Rannoch inviting Geert Wilders was arguably more aggressive than anything the BNP have proposed so far, for he wants to ban Islam and the Koran, after all.

For starters, I just need one heavyweight nationalist to join me on this one, ie someone with seniority and gravitas in the movement.

Either Peter Rushton of Press TV and James Lewthwaite would be nice.  Both, preferably, if they can bear the idea of Civic Nationalism, which is only about tactics, not about loyalties or principles.  I believe these two men are better able to understand what I am trying to say more than the other ethno-nationalists who seem to equate ethno-nationalism with the practice of

  1. being rude to other races
  2. threatening to conduct a pogrom the moment one is in power
  3. threatening to make other-races second class citizens
  4. regarding all of the above as "sticking to one's principles" and a badge of ethno-nationalism

I would like to run past them my little idea of Secular Koranism which I will be happy to have described as the Great White Project, the whole point of which is to allow the white race to be seen to have conquered Islam rather than be conquered by it.  Through this Project can white racial pride be salvaged!

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