Thursday, 26 April 2012

Review of the London Mayoral PEBs and for whom I shall be voting
The abysmal BNP PEB in which Carlos Cortiglia is nowhere to be seen and the voiceover is by Nick Griffin in which all the people who say they will vote BNP have strangely incongruous Northern accents for London voters in the mayoral election.  A significant length of it is devoted to explaining how and where to put the cross to its presumably learning disabled supporters.   Embarrassing, infuriating and insulting to anyone who has ever had anything to do with the party.   Some of the more paranoid nationalists have been saying for a while now that Nick Griffin is really a Jew or at any rate a state agent in the pay of Searchlight.  This level of incompetence and mismanagement can only be deliberate, surely, they say.

That he is "a condom on the cock of British nationalism" is another colourful phrase that comes to mind.

Why is Carlos not even in the PEB?  Are they ashamed of him now after making such a fuss about appointing him in the teeth of so many objections within the party?

I was told by Steve Squire the London Organiser that it was not allowed.  But why then is Lawrence Webb in the UKIP PEB then?
The Green Party PEB has no sign of its rather elderly candidate Jenny Jones and is instead peopled by the young whose future we are invited to consider as we dutifully vote to pay more taxes in the name of the environment.  Cut open a Green and you will find a Red!
Boris being Boris in this rather predictable PEB.
LibDem PEB with a gay ex-copper trying to sound strong on law and order.
Siobhan Benita looking beautiful and beguiling with just a hint of the air-head about her.
UKIP London Mayoral Candidate Lawrence Webb appears in this rather competent PEB with the dishy GLA candidate Stephen Woolfe.  PHWOAR!
I have never seen our Ken looking so slick and smooth and good.  Very competently put together, with a very affecting soundtrack.  If I were Ken watching this on the big screen, I would have been moved to tears too, because I am an old softy at heart when all is said and done.

Ken is prepared to discuss controversial matters while Boris the Buffoon tries so very hard not to discuss politics at all.

Boris the Buffoonish Schoolboy v Ken the Man.

Ken may not be public school but he is a Futurist and is prepared to put his money where his mouth is, unlike Boris.  Ken reads the writing on the wall and acts on his accurate reading of it sooner and better than any other British politician I know.

So, looking good, Ken!   Give Boris a haircut for us all on 3 May!   I will be giving Ken my FIRST vote because he was against the war while Boris voted FOR the war, which is just despicable.

All Londoners who hate the idea of British soldiers dying for Neoconning US and UK politicians (Bush, Blair, Brown, Cameron, Clegg and Obama) should vote for Ken if they really care that much (though I suspect most are too unprincipled and apathetic to care about what is being done in their name and wouldn't dream of making any sacrifices for foreigners their government has wronged, especially if they are Muslims).  Probably they don't, but I do, because I hate stupid wars by stupid warmongering politicians who don't know what they are doing.

I am SO disgusted with the embarrassing BNP PEB that I will be voting UKIP even though they won't let me join their party because they want to continue pretending I am racist, when in fact I would not accept racial superiority even if you begged and begged and begged me to take it.

I think it is probably those of the ones who are wary of me are rather elderly and set in their ways, and the younger ones are just wishy-washy effeminate libertarians who don't really believe in free speech and actually rather like the Equality Act 2010 who fear I may use their party as a stepping stone in my plans for world domination ....

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