Thursday, 10 May 2012

An offer the BNP should not refuse, if it knows what's good for it, which it probably doesn't

An exchange between an anonymous nationalist well-wisher and me

Did you ever think about contacting Brons about getting back in the BNP? Griffin's finished and it's only a matter of time before Brons makes his move. And, being a total political realist, he'll accentuate the civic Nationalism angle.

Brons has never responded directly to any of my communications.  I have been told he is a hard-line racialist, so no surprises there.   

I do not think however badly Griffin does that Brons will take over.  He is pretty much discredited anyway in London for being so slow to act and so ineffective in action.

Brons is the epitome of caution gone mad. And he is known for not answering anything inconvenient sent to him. The only other possible approach would perhaps be to Simon Darby. In the BNP London Mayoral campaign post-mortem, it must have occurred to him - and others - that they should have stuck with you rather than standing Carlos the Jackal. Maybe, couch a first enquiry in terms of asking his advice.

Perhaps it would be better if you put it to Simon Darby?  Otherwise it is just me ceaselessly blowing my own trumpet!

Darby is a pragmatist - and if rumour is ever true - he's MI5 as well. But only the first point matters.

Say you've been thinking over the BNP London Mayoral campaign and the part you could have played in making it more successful - getting a Richard Barnbrook 5.3% or more, rather than a Carlos level of 2.1%. The London result shows that people don't vote for policies, they vote for personalities, and Carlos had no personal impact, did he? You would have had everyone in the capital aware of the BNP.

Add that the Mumsnet thing was largely - or entirely, if you wish - due to your a clash of cultural perceptions rather than malice, and say that you undertake to keep clear of any such controversy ever again. Lesson learnt, OK? Then ask his advice as to how to rejoin the party. I've seen on your blog the letter from Walker - it makes no mention of permanent expulsion, and there's no reason why this should be implied.

You are an impetuous and headstrong person, and passion is always admirable. But here, go for contrite - not humble pie - and convey the impression to Darby that you're seeking the advice of a reasonable man. I'm sure he's read your blog and knows you're an outstanding activist and he will see a real advantage in having you back - so long as if you get back in, you line up with him - he maybe gets the credit for some of the things you do - and you don't rock his boat. My sources tell me that Darby has always felt inferior to Griffin and was always looking for allies.

A woman of your talent is wasted on the political fringes so, go for it via Facebook and see what happens. You are an enormous loss to the BNP and all you have to do is get Darby to see it.

I really don't think that even if Simon wanted me in the party he would get it past Nick Griffin.

Just ask Simon for his advice. Or, maybe go for broke and write to Griffin direct, asking him to rescind your expulsion and state that you would accept a period - possibly a prolonged period - of restricted membership if he deemed it appropriate. It could work. The trick is - getting your foot in the door.

I think the best thing for me to do is simply to let everyone know what ideas are afoot as regards my political future.  All suggestions gratefully received.   

My goals are:

  1. redefining nationalism and transforming it into something more than knee-jerk xenophobia and racism that is really about socialism and welfare for whites only
  2. to challenge and defeat feminism as a respectable ideology
  3. to make a point about promoting nationalist unity (by this I mean the co-operation and collaboration of civic and ethno-nationalists and that David Jones of Todmorden and I together are exemplars of this practice)

I therefore propose that

  1. David Jones and I be admitted into the BNP jointly.
  2. the requirement for a two-year probationary period to be waived.  (This is to protect us from being summarily expelled without being able to defend ourselves before a disciplinary tribunal, which has happened to many nationalists.  I have in any case been involving myself in nationalist politics for well over five years.)
  3. the requirement that we have to be members for five years before we are eligible to take part in a leadership contest be waived.  (This is to give an opportunity for a display of good faith on the part of Nick Griffin who has previously shown such bad faith towards other nationalists, and leaving them in a worse position financially and in career terms than if they had never involved themselves in nationalism.  Now is the time to reverse the image of nationalism as being only for losers, CHAVs and social retards.)

While I am aware that Nick Griffin and those who take his orders are unlikely to accede to our requirements because it is not in the advantage of Nick Griffin to do so, it should be pointed out that those who care for the future of nationalism and the condition of the white working classes that this is a very good bargain indeed.

(Yes, I a foreigner and a female with to be be identified as a representative of the white working classes because their liberal political establishment has utterly abandoned them and those who claim to represent their interests only grow fat on their grievances while doing nothing to ameliorate their condition.) 

Were David and I to be welcomed into the party - we would instantly transform the PERCEPTION of nationalism as an ideology merely for the lower classes who cannot compete against foreigners who are ignorant, xenophobic and racist into something pragmatic, morally and intellectual grounded and attractive to right-thinking British citizens of ALL races.

I shall certainly not dissociate myself from my family values message and my campaign against Never- Married Mothers and Feminism.  Taking on this fight against widespread illegitimacy and female promiscuity is the first step towards the British nation's moral and social regeneration.  A morally and socially regenerated Britain will have  fewer laws after the restoration of male and parental authority in a much much smaller state.  The kind of British Nationalism that David and I intend to promote would be business-friendly too, for we are both libertarians, believing that prosperity can be achieved only through industry.  In this dog eat dog world, only the fittest will survive and feminism and liberalism is the opposite of eugenic.  Western civilisation has been alarmingly weakened by decades of degeneracy and decline wrought by the pernicious ideology of feminism that encourages women to be promiscuous, irresponsible and parasitical.  It can only achieve a renaissance through its formal and ceremonial defenestration.

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