Friday, 18 May 2012

Questions about sex predators and their victims of all races

  1. Are white girls easy meat?
  2. Are they easier meat than Muslim girls?
  3. Is it a good thing for a woman to be "easy"?
  4. Does being "easy meat" mean you are a slut?
  5. If most white women are sluts, does it mean that white men have lost control of their women?
  6. What does it say about you as a race if you have lost control of your women?
  7. Do you get think you are likely to get respect from other races when other races think your women are stupid sluts and you as a man are afraid of stupid sluts?
  8. Are white mothers bad mothers compared to Asian Muslim mothers?
  9. Why are white mothers so shit?
  10. Is the reason why white girls are such easy meat because their mothers are Slut Single Mums AKA Never Married Mothers?
  11. Why are white men so afraid of criticising their women?
  12. Is it because white men fear not getting sex from their women if they criticise them?
  13. Are white women who are sluts beyond criticism?
  14. If so, is this a Good Thing?
  15. There are more and more women claiming that women should never be called sluts.  Is this matriarchal censorship a Good Thing?
  16. Are white men despicable cowards for cowering so fearfully in silence before the worst of their women, the Slut Single Mother?
  17. Do Muslim sex predators "respect" less their victims less than non-Muslim sex predators?
  18. Do non-Muslim sex predators "respect" their victims more than Muslim sex predators?
  19. Surely all sex predators of all races do not respect their victims at all?
  20. Are there more Muslim sex predators in Britain than there are non-Muslim sex predators?

It is really very simple, boys and girls.  If a man has sex with an easy meat girl, he will  not respect her afterwards and want to move on.  Just imagine a man as a child with lots of presents under a Xmas tree.  The more of them he has, the less he will value them.   Certainly, a woman he has possessed cheaply and easily will be called a slag or a slut.   It is therefore quite easy to understand why a Muslim man would respect Muslim women because they tend to be wrapped up and not easily available, unlike white girls.   

If white men want to do something about the cheapness of their women then it is of course up to them to do something about this.  It may be that they want their women cheap and easy, especially if they know they cannot afford a wife or a girlfriend or even the occasional services of an honest prostitute.   

Therein lies the crux of the problem.   White men know what they must do but they will not do what is necessary because the cure for feminism is now worse than the disease , and in any case they no longer believe in God, Honour, Nation or Posterity, concepts which might help them fight the foul emasculating disease of feminism.  

What is the cure for feminism?  What would be strong enough to fight feminism and the emasculating cowardice, the stinking hypocrisy and the debilitating dementia of the white man?

Only religion (and only one religion - the one they most hate and fear) can save the white man now, for he cannot return to Christianity, for the cancer of feminism has spread to his government and his religious institutions who are now full of women, feminists, socialists, homosexuals, communists and third rate minds.  Indeed, the cancer of feminism shares his home with him and his bed with him.   He fears the disapproval and rejection of his women, and we all know that men are only after the One Thing.  If he has a wife, he will fear being divorced by her and being deprived of his children and half his property, which she can easily do, because the divorce laws of this benighted land allows her to do so.   

In the Family Courts, held in camera, no journalist can hear you scream ...

Most of these white men will have been brought up as drug-taking, drinking hedonistic liberal atheists.   The white man therefore knows that there is no afterlife.  This being the case, he will see it as expedient to take the crumbs of pleasure from the feminist table like a beggar or a dog.  Such a man is unlikely to assert his right to free speech, and even less likely to fight for his principles, assuming he even knew what such things are. Honour is an alien concept, and behaving honourably an unknown practice.   

There is no helping a race of men such as this.   

When men have no reason and no sense of honour, they can only be driven like animals, by means of a cattle prod from behind.


Anonymous said...

Using the phrase "their women" is just ripe for critique from a feminist/leftist.

I could just imagine the response: "'Their' women? Really? So white women must get authorization from white men before dating non-white men? You pathetic racist, misogynistic neanderthal!"

Claire Khaw said...

I use the possessive loosely. White men think of white women as "their women" in the same way that white women think of "their men".

It is just an abbreviated way of saying "the men of my race" or "the women of my race".

For example, when I said "If white men want to do something about the cheapness of their women then it is of course up to them to do something about this" I meant "if white men wanted to do something about the cheapness of white women ...".

White women are often telling white men what they want and need so I see no reason why white men cannot should not be telling white women what they want and need.