Sunday, 6 May 2012

Rural Lone Wolf Nationalist David Jones does *better* than London BNP and UKIP *combined*

David Jones of Todmorden who outperformed London  Eurosceptics and even beat the Green candidate

In Todmorden a Nationalist candidate beat the Green candidate in the local elections.

This lone wolf nationalist is even associated with a woman known as "Nazi Claire" AKA The Wicked Witch of the East AKA The She-Dragon of Facebook, whose views are widely described as "extreme" amongst appalled liberal circles, who do not quite know what to make of her.

"Nazi Claire" known for her Mein Kampf Book Club and views liberals describe as "extremely right"

In spite of these horrific and unsavoury connections which have caused even the racist British People's Party to expel him, David Jones has actually improved his vote and beaten the Green candidate!

In London, the combined votes of both UKIP and the BNP mayoral candidates did not exceed the votes of a Pretty Lady Candidate.

What does this say about the robust wisdom of the good folk of Todmorden and the madness and silliness of London voters?

Could the BNP and UKIP have done better if they had adopted "Nazi Claire" as their London Mayoral Candidate?

Could they also have beaten the London Green mayoral candidate if they had rallied behind this thrilling and mysterious candidate, and supported her with all their heart and strength?

Very probably, because "Nazi (but non-racist) Claire" is known to be a formidable debater so formidable that the entire liberal political establishment and media have adopted the tactic of pretending she does not exist and burying their heads in the sand, so that they do not have to trouble their pretty heads writing about her views on nationalism and feminism.

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