Saturday, 26 May 2012

Still annoyed about Orwell Prize Award

The one thing that I failed to articulate about my disappointment about the anonymous blogger called, very drearily, "Rangers Tax Case"~ at is that the imbecilic judges of the Orwell Prize do not get it that investigative journalism is not political writing, and Rangers Tax Case certainly did not succeed in turning political writing into an art.

I really could not bring myself to care about Scottish football, even after several attempts to read his deadly prose.

Not only is The Orwell Prize corrupt - in the sense that they excluded me solely on the grounds that my views are not by any description Left Liberal (which is what you have to be to be part of the political establishment that runs the Orwell Prize), they do not seem to understand at any level that investigative journalism is not political writing.

Political writing is persuasion, propaganda and the vivid illustration of the points you are trying to make, to the extent that the people who say they are not interested in politics sit up and take notice in spite of themselves.

Furthermore, you make the people whose views are diametrically opposed to yours aware of you and flee from you without daring to engage.  

Suzanne Moore runs an online campaign to get her friends to block me on Twitter.

Even the infamously aggressive Lisa Ansell blocked me on Twitter without even once engaging.

Sadly, the standards of behaviour, education and morality of the political establishment is now so hopelessly retarded after so many decades of matriarchal rule that even the people who ought to understand what I am saying - ie Suzanne Moore and Hopi Sen and all the people who run the Orwell Prize - either do not, or pretend not to.

O tempora!  O mores!

What should by rights be MINE if only this country were being properly run


Anonymous said...

Scottish football is very much dominated by the two teams, Rangers and Celtic. Rangers is Protestant and Unionist whereas Celtic is Catholic and supportive of Irish Republicanism. Traditionally, anyway.

The closer you are to Glasgow, the more focus there is on this stupid sectarianism. Like different pubs for Rangers and Celtic supporters. You would never get that in say, Aberdeen though.

Eric said...

The Orwell Prize is a place for the lefties Orwell despised to reject those guilty of Thought Crime while massaging each others' super-inflated egos.

More on Suzanne Moore:

Claire Khaw said...

How astonishingly childish and petty these people are.