Monday, 23 July 2012

Bob Taylor agrees to sign Jeffrey Marshall's nomination papers for the BNP leadership election in 3 years' time

It seems that Jeffrey Marshall is safe from expulsion from the BNP, because Bob Taylor has guaranteed that he will not be suspended or expelled on a trumped-up charge in the following terms:

"Jeff would like to be expelled so he could attack Mr Griffin as being a dictator and an undemocratic leader. Jeff will not be made a martyr."  23 July 12:00

"Claire, to show that we are a democratic party who's members can exercise our democratic rights, I would sign, Jeffs nomination papers openly, of cause I would vote for Mr Griffin but it would prove just how democratic our party is.".  23 July 12:19

Let us hope that Jeffrey Marshall, who is currently East End Organiser, will be allowed to organise a meeting.  Of course he will say nothing about the leadership contest at this meeting, if  it turns out he is allowed to organise it.


Anonymous said...

not only are we hoping that jeff will be able to have a meeting.we are wondering why he hasn't not had one for a year!
in actual fact he ain't done much at all.

Claire Khaw said...

I am sure he is in the process of arranging it even now.

What a shame I am not allowed to come any more! It would be lovely to see you all again. :-(