Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Does Kim Gandy embody British nationalism? Is not an image make-over for British nationalism now long overdue?

Kim Gandy -  the Grand Old Woman of British Euroscepticism or an impossibly vulgar and  aggressive woman who derides the size of the sex organ of any man who disagrees with her after claiming he suffers from erectile dysfunction?

I don't mind if she attacks me out of jealousy.  In a way, it is understandable that she should be rancorous with envy for I, a female and a foreigner, am a force for change now in British nationalism known to most active nationalists up and down the country, while she is precisely nowhere.

Perhaps one day I will be acknowledged as a force for good in the field of nationalist race relations.

I have big radical nation- and society-changing ideas while Kim Gandy admits that she has no policies.

I am happy to concede that she must have a better sex life than me with her younger male partner while I sublimate my desires for the greater good of this nation.  However many offers I get from eager nationalists of all ages and classes, I shall never compromise them by giving in to their ceaseless importuning for my sexual favours.  By this shall they know the great sacrifices I make on their behalves!

This poisonous woman now is claiming that a certain UKIP friend of mine (who is so inactive he has not attended a single meeting) is a "violent extremist with  UAF and Al Qaeda connections" merely because he is not full of hatred for Muslims and Islam.  I believe this spiteful woman is busily trying to get this young man expelled from UKIP by spreading outrageous lies about him.

She has also inveigled her more impressionable and easily-led female associates such as Maggie Chapman and Susan Lockwood to join forces with her.

Let these women do their worst at for they only demonstrate what can happen to a country when too many immoral, promiscuous and irrational women wield too much power over men and have their claws dug into the genitalia of men who are in charge of the ship of state.

Perhaps Kim Gandy is the best reason why most women should, like children, be seen but not heard in the field of politics.

Kim is of course not prepared to discuss eugenics and calls me evil for daring to say that I would not wish to bring up a severely disabled child nor force any other taxpayer to pay for it.

Women are notoriously hypocritical about these matters, for they know that to agree with me on the matter of disabled offspring is to give up their femininity.  I on the other hand am happy to proclaim that I am the mind of a man happily inhabiting the body of a woman.  It is for this reason that I clam I am fit to lead men by showing them that I am prepared to stick my head above the parapet and speak on their behalves, rather than indulge in predictably partisan gynocentricism that most women in politics -  Louise Mensch being the worst example - unthinkingly fall into.

For saying what I said on the Victoria Derbyshire Show I was expelled from the BNP (at the behest of an SSM with disabled illegitimate offspring) which behaves these days like a frightened, timid, cowardly and hypocritical promiscuous single mother with a disabled and illegitimate offspring or at any rate like a man afraid of these stupid, immoral and promiscuous women because so many of them now have the vote.

They certainly showed no signs of defending free speech or even understanding the principle of it.  But how can they, if they are all in thrall to the SSMs who control the minds and opinions of nationalist men if they are lucky enough to have female partners at all?

I like to think I offer more to British nationalism more than the contemptible exercise of pandering to proletarian and feminine vices that all the parties seem to do now in our demented matriarchy.

My form of nationalism is infused with masculine and aristocratic virtues, I like to think, and is fundamentally libertarian, while Kim's ideas are just totalitarian and anti-rational.

My Facebook friends are also obviously so much nicer and more educated than hers.  My male friends have education and erudition while hers are merely men who hope she will pause to whip them and kick them if she notices them, for they are surely sex- and humiliation-hungry subs looking for crumbs from the table of their imperious mistress, who wields a ruler that she uses to chastise them and measure their penises.  They probably experience tumescence upon being told by her that they have a small sex organ which she will then come round to measure, while my male Facebook friends suffer from detumescence at the very thought of having to enter what has been called by one this woman's "bat cave".

If Britain is now run by a pornocracy then it could be said that our Kim is Queen of the Pornocrats.  

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Alex the Seer said...

This unstable, unsound bat is scarcely able to make moral choices for her degenerate and devoted peers (mostly vile and crass old men and bored housewives), let alone the nation. If she is the embodiment of British nationalism, then Britain is done for. Fickle, power-hungry hags like her should be thoroughly patronized and chained up in a scullery, not given a voice and recognized by political parties in the UK.

As a side-note, I'm not sure if she thinks herself attractive, but she seems to imply such. Unfortunately it looks like that ship sailed two failed marriages, an abortion and a miscarriage ago, so she should probably abandon superficiality to the genuinely palatable.