Monday, 24 September 2012

Claire Khaw says something nice about coppers

My sources inform me that the cops are reading my blog avidly instead of catching criminals and investigating crime.

It is that UKIP bitch with four illegitimate grandchildren causing trouble for me again:

Maggie Chapman Stuart it wasn't Kim but the,admin of a,group.There were credible threats

Maggie Chapman Free speakers has been looked at by the police and there's talk of charges of racial abuse and incitement to assault

Maggie Chapman Jacqui I don't know but I know the police are looking at claires blog and homepage too

To be honest, I think she is a bit of a pleb too.

If the cops read my blogs at all they should be reading me only when they are off duty.

In case they are trawling through my blogs for evidence against me, I suppose I should say something nicely supportive about coppers.

I too would love to have the job of sitting in front of my computer and catching criminals for all kinds of offences against PC liberalism.

Kim Gandy may be in trouble for calling me Ting Tong, but I honestly don't mind.  I hear she has blocked me on the advice of the police, but please tell Kim that her little Ting Tong misses her, and wishes she would come out to play again.

It has been claimed I have been threatening her with violence, but I really haven't been doing anything like that as it is not my style.  There have been known to be many fake accounts of people pretending to me, however.

You have an enviable job, especially if you are a disabled policeman or are too fat and unfit to chase and catch criminals.

Anyway, nice work if you can get it, and well done for getting such a cushy job.

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Maggie Chapman said...

"To whoever is copying my posts from on here and passing them to Claire,at least make sure you give her the whole post please and let her know the "bitch with four illegitimate grandchildren'has got bugger all to do with the police reading her blog"