Friday, 21 September 2012

UKIP use degenerate music without degenerate musicians' permission

If I were leader of UKIP I would have used something out of Gilbert & Sullivan. For He Is An Englishman could easily be adapted into a witty version of For He Is a UKIP Man.

If I were feeling particularly transgressive, I would make the entire conference sing Tomorrow Belongs To Me and make them do the obligatory Roman salute at the end.   The headlines the next day would be thrilling and chilling.

Yes, I would be a thrilling leader of UKIP and eventually, a loved and feared benign dictator of Britain ....

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DS said...

Given, Ukip's expenses claims they could have used Ozzy's 'Crazy train' but amended it to 'Gravy train' or the old classic 'Seven drunken nights' featuring Godfrey Bloom.