Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Andrew Brons leaves the BNP. What next for British nationalism?

No nationalist party will get anywhere without new blood and a reviving injection of civic nationalist maturity. It remains to be seen how adventurous and innovative Brons will be.

His main problem was always too little, too late.

I doubt if he and his associates did form a party they would have me in it.

That is why I don't think they will get anywhere.

Ethno-nationalism is a dead duck ideology and the only high profile member of the NF is Richard Edmonds.

Although I like and respect Richard, he is not the man capable of making nationalism attractive to those not born into the faith, shall we say.

The BFP are now seen as losers rejected by the EDL. They are already tainted by their Islamophobia. They will not have the will or the sense to recant from that either.

It would just be easier if nationalists hailed me as their leader and formed a party round me.

I would be quite happy to use as much of the old BNP constitution as I practically can, including having annual leadership elections when the membership reaches a certain stated minimum to be agreed between myself and the other founder members.

The problem, as ever, is finding a good leader, and this is not a problem confined only to nationalism.

Looking around, I am probably as good as you are ever going to get. If you don't agree then find someone better capable of connecting with the voting public. You won't be able to.

If you disagree, then just name a single nationalist you can think of who can get as much publicity as I can.

I have been around for years, and I am not a flash in the pan. I do not really think my conviction and courage can be doubted.

All that I believe in I have already stated publicly, repeatedly and loudly. There will be no nasty surprises.

All the evidence against me is already online.

Choosing me as your leader would immediately wash away the taint of racism from nationalism.

If you have not seen the writing on the wall, then you cannot read and obviously refuse to learn. There are none so blind as those who will see, and Pride (especially chauvinistic racial pride) is a Deadly Sin.


Anonymous said...

who are you talking to claire?

Claire Khaw said...

I am inviting anyone who cares to listen to acknowledge that there is no one better than Nick Griffin to lead the party. The ones who want the job can't do it. The ones who can do the job don't want it. This was in fact what Nick Griffin said to us at a Barking meeting in 2011.

I am really the only one who is ready and willing to do it, but I know I will be automatically disqualified for racial reasons.

Nationalism is indeed between Scylla of Griffin and Charybdis of Khaw.

The least you can do is find yourselves a leader, if you don't want me. If you can't find anyone else, you should groom some promising young man.

But I know you won't even get round to doing that.

What is that nice Kieran Trent up to these days?