Monday, 1 October 2012

Capitalism need only be modified by the abolition of usury and by implementing Islamic principles of government

It is curious why this option is never considered by Western economists.   Is it because of arrogance or ignorance?

I asked Roger Bootle if he thought the nation would be more or less prosperous if, say the Equality and Equal Pay Acts were repealed, but have not received an answer so far.

If it is true that the higher the rate of illegitimacy is your society, the more matriarchal you are as a society?

Matriarchal societies are sex and shopping societies.  Matriarchal societies are also societies that condone extramarital sex.   This means us, then.

Is it not interesting that the Western country with the highest rate of illegitimacy, Iceland, is now bankrupt?

I wonder if Stephanie Flanders herself would like to attempt to answer this question.

How would the world be and what would happen if our economies were run without the practice of usury?
The case for disenfranchising most women


Anonymous said...

Because abolishing usury (which just means high interest) is contrary to the essence of capitalism. Interest is simply the charge placed on the provision of a service. Nothing wrong with that, regardless of what the socialists and conspiracy theorist will dupe you into thinking.

Claire Khaw said...

At what rate would an interest rate become usurious?