Friday, 2 November 2012

Feminism causes paedophilia and means DYING ALONE

Lonely UK: Number of middle-aged people living alone rises dramatically as marriage continues to decline

  • Almost 2.5m aged 45-64 have no spouse, partner or children living with them

  • Amount has grown 50% since the mid 1990s
  • Number of loners has pushed up demand for housing

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Feminism also mean reporters in the Daily Mail use "amount" when they should use "number" cos the female-dominated teaching profession does not see fit to teach British school children grammar, cos most teachers are grammatically ignorant.

As Montaigne said, "Grammar is the logic of language," but what do these feminists - these selfish evil women who are determined to cling to their privileges at the expense of men, the young and the old - care about that, or the long-term national interest?

Isn't it time to tell feminism to fuck off, or challenge the matriarchy to a debate?

Go on then, ask Dame Jenni Murray if you can appear on Woman's Hour to question feminism and see what  happens.

You might even find yourself being accused of paedophilia, who knows.  This is what these women do.

Say or do anything they don't like or hurt their feelings and you will be accused of racism, extremism, sexism, paedophilia or whatever shit they can find to chuck at you.  

These days you are called a Far Right extremist Nazi Fascist racist sexist if you express any view that puts you into the category of a social conservative.

Ask yourself this question:

Was there such a fear of paedophiles before feminism became our ruling orthodoxy?





Anonymous said...


I understand your frustration. A problem is that the average man (or woman) on the street does not fully comprehend what "feminism" is.

Ordinary people, especially outside academia, tend not to be strongly affiliated with political-social ideologies like that.

Not giving a damn about the false god known as ideology may be the way forward in life.

You and me probably have one thing in common at least: too much time on our hands. The devil will find work for idle hands to do...

Anonymous said...

It has been suggested (on some right-wing blogs) that feminism "creates harems". The idea is that with the decline of marriage as the norm for society, this means that multiple women will want to go for the alpha males, and no women will want to go for the beta males. Since the alpha males can't be married to more than one woman, what you are left with is a society in which alpha males can father children to multiple women who go on to become single mothers, and they are given incentives by the state in the form of benefits that allow them to do so.

The fact that the benefits system "penalises couples and pays far greater handouts to women who say they are single parents" is obvious cultural marxism at work. The cultural cuckoldry of white beta males is enforced by the state. See also the following:

Claire Khaw said...

To Anonymous of 2 November 2012 16:16:00 GMT

Even the slowest man will hurry to understand the cause of his ills when the pain gets bad enough.

All that is required is for men to know to acknowledge that they are oppressed and talk amongst themselves about this.

All who understand this message is capable of explaining it to another and tell him to explain it to another.

I wouldn't give up just yet.

Anonymous said...

Broadly speaking, Claire, it's cultural marxism that is the problem.

Cultural marxism is no basis for a stable, secure and happy society; yet society goes along with it anyway in the fanatical pursuit of 'equality'.

'Equality' is a word that really bugs me. There is no equality in either natural selection or sexual selection. Nothing that the state can do is able to change these fundamentals. Attempting to create equality will only create new forms of inequality. For example, greater academic and economic empowerment of women means that beta males get less sex. Alpha males may actually gain from cultural marxism in the short term.

Claire Khaw said...

Some call it "Cultural Marxism", I would call it "Men saying it is OK for women to be promiscuous."

Once you have divined that the normalising of extramarital sex is the cause of Western malaise, then the solution becomes very simple indeed.

It is also very convenient that sexual morality is within the control of individuals, unlike foreign and domestic policy!

Anonymous said...

And if you look at the ideals of many feminists, especially the more radical ones, they are often extremely hostile to sex, marriage, and everything like that. Their vision of 'equality' does not entail beta males EVER getting laid. THAT is the tyranny of Big Sister's cultural marxist totalitarian cuckoldry regime.

The strange thing about capitalism is the way that it can function in tandem with cultural marxism. Mass immigration and feminism can be good for capitalists if it means businesses can make more money.

Claire, you should read Ed West's column. He's good.

Anonymous said...

'Racism' is merely a fight for sexual dominance by proxy.

The sexual is the social.

Governments may have an economic policy and a social policy, but they don't have a sexual policy. Fundamentally however society is (the byproduct of) sex. Thus its importance is paramount.

Here's another thing I would say Claire - and I don't know how much you agree with it or not:

Women are just looking to be dominated.

In a society that normalises promiscuity, gender equality and serial monogamy, after a while some women will begin to tire of this because they feel they are not being dominated enough by their own men, and begin to resent them for it. If the pretense of equality can't provide them with the domination they crave, they will begin to seek it elsewhere, by doing things like...

Becoming a radical feminist.
Taking an immigrant partner.
Becoming a single mother.

One thing that is universal is that males who are socially dominant are sexually dominant. Feminism allows alpha males to become sexually dominant over multiple women in this way.

Tell me what you think, Claire!

Elsie said...

Well, at least we agree unequivocally about something !

Feminism means dying alone.

No doubt of it.

Educated women that put off having children until it's biologically too late because they are more interested in pursuing careers and enjoying 'freedom' and the fruits of financial independance when they are young, rather than devoting themselves to the needs of a husband and family, will find themselves without children or grandchildren to care for them when they are old.
Never mind a partner (even if they are widowed or divorced).

The SSM have not taught their children about having responsibilities, and so their children do not feel a responsibility towards them.

The traditional family mean't that the different generations cared for each other when that care was needed...Feminism led to selfishness which means that old age is a bleak and lonely affair, however much money you have.

Anonymous said...

I would also say that "extramarital sex", as you put it, or sex before marriage, has been socially acceptable in the Western world for half a century now. Certainly it was being practiced before I was born, although I am not myself the byproduct of a SSM.

The tolerance of this lifestyle can be linked with the rise of secularism, and the decline of marriage, religion and tradition. Globalization, the mass media, popular culture and people living an 'extended youth' have all been contributing factors.

I remember hearing about a man I knew who was (and still is to this day) deeply Christian saying that he didn't approve of sex before marriage at a parents' meeting in the school, and he didn't want this idea to be taught to his children. Many of the other parents looked at him as if he was completely out of date, and out of touch, trying not to laugh at his old-fashioned views.

Interestingly, he was a geeky, eccentric, Christian white male who had an Asian wife (and here, I mean Asian more in the US sense than the UK sense). Both 'yellow' and 'brown' Asians have stronger family values than white people. Western, white women have become decadent and corrupt to a considerable extent.

Because the West has become so tolerant, it has become so, so weak. Left-politics is 'feminine' and right-politics is 'masculine' (although attracts beta males, who can only dream of a society that suits them better). The cultural marxists are keen to suppress any form of masculine rebellion against this forced weakness, designating such attempts to fight back as 'fascism' or 'right wing extremism'.

I have been talking to you a lot, Claire, and you've been talking to me and responding to most of what I say. Do you want to know who I am? Well, I'm a 20-something single white heterosexual male from Scotland. That's all you really need to know right now.

Who are you?

Claire Khaw said...

If you want to know more about me, become my Facebook friend or join by debating group.

I am flattered that I have the interest and attention of a young Scotsman anyhow.

Claire Khaw said...

Most women don't know what they want. It is the role of men to tell them what they want.

Anonymous said...

So, Elsie, are you another female follower of this blog?

There are a couple of anti-feminist females who comment now and again at Oz Conservative (good blog, exposes the ideas behind left-wing thinking). It is totally correct that feminism leads to dying alone. It is linked with the decline of the family across the West, too.

In general, I like women, but I don't like cultural marxist women, or cultural marxists generally for that matter.

Yeah, Claire... that's nice to hear that you're flattered. Anyway, I've had enough of this for just now. I'm going to go out, it's a Friday night. See ya.

Claire Khaw said...

Perhaps Western malaise can be measured by the ways in which Western governments flouts Koranic principles.

Claire Khaw said...

To Anonymous of 2 November 2012 17:13:00 GMT:

I have already had a run-in with Ed West.

Eric Iholts said...

You say exactly how I feel. Feminism should be ranked among the KKK and Black Panthers and other psycho path endeavors. Men have no rights in this hypocritical society and we are treated like Neanderthals incapable of intellectual thought. Its time feminists were punished for their crimes.