Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Reds and I may be on the same side


  1. The Reds and the Liberal Left want to discourage people from joining the BNP and similar "Far Right"  parties.
  2. It is quite clearly the case that the BNP membership consists mostly of illegitimate and aggrieved men who were badly-parented by their SSMs (explained at who deprived them of their fathers.  They might have fucked some loser or a maniac who subsequently abandoned them.  Bastard by birth, bastard by nature.   
  3. A bastard already represents three generations of bad genes.  A bastard has a mother who is a slut, for one thing.   This means the bastard is already half full of stupid slut genes, with the other half full of loser/maniac/cad/rogue/rake/bounder/scoundrel genes.  Also, the grandparents of the bastard did not tell their daughter not to be slut not to be a slut either because they didn't think of it (stupid) or because they thought it was OK for their daughter to be an SSM (low moral standards).  Therefore:  Bastard = Three Generations of Bad Genes      

Decrease the supply of SSM-parented dysfunctional losers and you will decrease the the supply of fresh recruits to the BNP.  

It seems obvious to me.   

The Liberal Left are invited to join and keep the Far Right starved of fresh recruits consisting of dysfunctional fatherless young men who have not been brought up properly by their SSMs.

It is time, surely, that British women were told in no uncertain terms not to fuck losers, maniacs and SSM-parented degenerates?

The more they fuck, the higher the probability of getting knocked up by a man who will not be your husband and is unable to provide for you.  The state therefore becomes their provider.  This means that the taxpayer is having forced marriage imposed on him, and we already know that forced marriage is now ILLEGAL in this country. is where you can find the Forced Marriage (Civil Protection) Act 2007

The taxpayer in effect becomes the husband of these SSMs and their illegitimate children with not even the benefit of conjugal rights.  

Perhaps it should be made compulsory for any SSM in receipt of welfare payments to do at least one nice thing for her long-standing quasi-husband?   

If she does not comply with a request for sex by taxpaying man, could she perhaps be punished in some way starting with the withdrawal of welfare payments and her lifestyle to which she has become accustomed for at least four generations?

Once she is on the streets she could perhaps be made to work for a living in a brothel in a trade that would suit her talents.   

I am reminded of the Victorian principle of lesser eligibility in the workhouses they had.  This was the principle that conditions in the workhouse would always be made less pleasant than what the inmate enjoyed before he or she entered the workhouse.    

These immoral women must know that they are being punished for being sluts.   They must know that they are a cancer of society and that they must know that it is not a nice thing to be a slut.   
What is the definition of a slut?  

A woman who has sex with a man not her husband.   

This would mean that any fornicatress, even if she only did have sex once and then got knocked up, is in fact a slut.   

If she wants to have children, she must find a man to marry her, instead of just getting a man to fuck her.

It really is the only language stupid, immoral and irresponsible women understand.

Will the Reds henceforth start respecting the institution of marriage (this of course means condemning or at least criticising sluts) in order to starve the "Far Right" of its SSM-parented recruits?

This remains to be seen.

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dave jones said...

'What is the definition of a slut? A woman who has sex with a man not her husband.' so does a woman who is with a man for 5 years but not married fall into this category? and if you get married does that automatically make you a good parent? i love the blog tho claire!

Claire Khaw said...

An unmarried mother is an unmarried mother.

If the father of her illegitimate offspring is still living with her then they are "living in sin".

To condone all this is to condone the lower moral standards that now prevail in this country.

To do this is to condone, allow and encourage degeneracy.

Anonymous said...

I want it stated for the record that the above commenter is not David Jones of Todmorden.

- (the authentic) Dave Jones, Whirlaw, Todmorden

Claire Khaw said...

Ah yes, the David Jones the Ethno-Nationalist who now believes that SSMs should be protected from criticism, just like the Reds.

I would have thought that an ethno-nationalist would want to keep his people free from the taint of the bad parenting by SSMs and the bad genes they represent by failing to choose a man prepared to marry them, to be their protector and provider and be the father of their legitimate children.

The very same David Jones who is now hanging out with the Reds at

who want to ban

David Jones that Man of Principle!

dave jones said...

the dave jones saying the 1st dave jones is a fake. i am sorry claire and want to patch up relations with you. the other dave jones is a red!

Anonymous said...

I may believe a child should have a mother and a father, but I never endorsed your use of the term "SSM" and told you that plenty of times.

I am man with enough principles to not portray somebody as having had threatned me with a knife when they hadn't, a man with enough principles to not publish highly sensitive private inbox conversations about somebody.

I am also a man with enough principle to not run and hide from his accuser.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, so much of a coward that you don't even blog my reply.

The real Dave Jones.

Elsie said...

I'm Dave Jones, and so is my wife !

the REAL dave jones said...

this is the REAL dave jones of tod, who is doing this and why? i can only assume it is done to try and discredit me. reds or something. i am truly sory claire. we should patch things up. this is getting ridiculous.

(the authentic) Dave Jones, Whirlaw, Todmorden said...

THAT IS NOT ME! stop printing this claire. i wd ring or text you but i havent any money in my phone.

Anonymous said...

You are such a bunch of tosser aren't you, you pretend to be me and feel the need to post the opposite of what I say don't you (ie by the jokes you make I know its you)? Even if it isn't you you know which comment was mine, yet you pretend not to know, what with you being a dishonest liar and all.

When your heroes are men who help enforce corrupt law, just for the money, you simply turn out to have no principles.

Now you are trying to blame the gun shootings in America on Feminism? Is there nothing you won't do to get attention?

Now Elsie (who posts anonymously), your sycophant is joining in. I suspect you Claire Khaw are the passer of bad genes, cowards genes, lawyers genes, liars genes.

I look forward to the day that I log into facebook to be greeted with the news that you have been hit by a train.

Good Day.

David Jones,
Whirlaw, Todmorden.

Claire Khaw said...

I am supporting the Second Amendment and Dave Jones calls me "disgusting" at "so this is the route they're going down now?? is no-one safe? they will attack anyone won't they? I have left a comment but dare say it won't be there for long before "they" remove it. for the sake of the victims parents/families please report the page below. ta mucly, K"

Dave Jones is so entirely without principle that when he likes you he will agree with everything you say and when he dislikes you he will disagree with everything you say.

Dave Jones often expressed a wish that this country had the equivalent of the Second Amendment when we were on speaking terms.

Anonymous said...

Oh the coward has finally plucked up the backbone to answer.

When did I ever say to you I did not support the second amendment, I am accusing you of exploiting the matter for your own ends, just like the anti-gun "tyranny of law" fans do.

I liked you until I realised you were a coward who betrayed friends proivate stuff to the reds.

Anonymous said...

I posted this on Claire Khaws blog;

"First of all I am a genuine supporter of the second amendment (ie one who believes that judges and politicians need to be held at the mercy of an armed populace). You are not, you have never said anything to suggest are, the gun-banners are using this tragedy to their own ends, as you are using it to yours.

I am not stupid, and neither are you even though you are cowardly by pretending to be. No I grew to hate you when I realised you were the sort of person that publishes private, sensitive texts of an man with who had shown you nothing but friendship (for all his enemies to see).

Then I began to see that you was just an attention seeker who, rather than representing any principle, just likes to upset people for its own sake to fill a vaccum in your own sad life which swings from fantasising about Peter Mandelson, to harassing people on-line.

You are a coward who cannot face your accusers, runs and hides even after posting lies about people (such as the way you tried inferring I was going to stab you with a knife), and then wonders why I "harass you" to pack it in.

I think your goup should be banned because when you lie about people, go on a crusade to upset people, and I don't want to see you get the chance to do it to anybody else. Facebook (as a private entity with, in reality, no obligation to allow anybody to post) censoring you does not constitute a breech of your "free speech", because Facebook is not a publicly subsidised organisation, claiming juristiction over a populations liberty, property of lives - unlike the cowardly judiciary and parliamentarians you admire, and that I believe are scum.

You are a coward who runs and hides from your accusers. I have my own facebook group has many believers in the second amendment, including me, and they are as disgusted with you as I am.

David Jones (Independent),
Whirlaw, Todmorden, Lancashire."

Elsie said...

I don't know where I suddenly got 'lawyers' genes from ?....but there could be worse genes to have.

I was quite flattered.

I don't know how I could be a 'sycophant', either..

..I usually tell her not to pose under Nazi flags, and that the UKIP are quite right not to have her.

I also told her that she had led poor David from Todmorden to lose votes in his election (not that he would have got much further on his own anyway, due to his own faults).

I did hesitate a lot before voting her 'mad', though. That must be it?

You are quite clever in divining that 'Elsie' is a pseudonym real name is Maisie.

Anonymous said...

Well its nice to meet you Masie, but I respectfully put it to you that I got 26% of the vote in a multi ethnic ward. And the lies of Claire Khaw far outweigh any fault I may have.


dave jones said...

stop printing these so-called dave jones comments. none of them are me. especially the ones signed David Jones (Independent), Whirlaw, Todmorden, Lancashire.
so please stop it!
David Jones (Independent),
Whirlaw, Todmorden, Lancashire.