Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My review of Mein Kampf at Amazon

I found Mein Kampf informative and entertaining though it must be pointed out that Hitler conflates Jews with liberals and liberalism.

Jews, by dint of following their religion, practising their traditions and respecting the institutions of marriage and family, will find themselves effortlessly superior to the gentiles who do not.

While I do not agree with him about his racial theories, all that he says about government, democracy, the stupidity of the general public, liberals and the cowardice and hypocrisy of the middle classes remains disturbingly true.

His racial theories are clearly nonsensical since, if there were a race that was inherently superior to all other races then that race would stay top dog for all time.

That "every dog will have his day" is clearly closer to reality.

It is of course perfectly possible to argue that the Jews secretly or not so secretly consider themselves to be a superior race. They were after all the people who created God.

It could even be said that Jews are the teacher's pet in a world of dunces and bullies.

My theory is that the problem of antisemitism, endemic in Christian Europe, is actually a problem of Christianity, which is as a faith inferior to both Judaism and Islam. Christianity is inferior to Judaism and Islam because you have to ignore so much of it to make it work. I believe Hitler even thought that himself, but knew it would not be politic to point this out to the Germans of his time.

It occurs to me that if Hitler had really been serious about the Germans acquiring racial superiority, then he should have converted the Germans to Judaism, instead of just planning to get rid of the competition by shipping them to Madagascar minus their property.

Racial superiority is rather like claiming to be a lady or gentleman. The more you insist that you are a lady or a gentleman, the less likely you are to be either.

A truly superior person would never dream of claiming to be superior.

Get the John Murphy translation.

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