Wednesday, 6 February 2013

What to do if you want Claire Khaw to be Dictator of Britain

You can contact Nick Griffin at to tell him that you want:

(a) me to be appointed BNP Director of Communications
(b) me to be appointed BNP Policy Director
(c) me to be appointed BNP Anti-Gay Marriage Spokeswoman
(d) my expulsion of July 2011 to be annulled so that I will be eligible to throw my hat into the ring at the next BNP leadership contest, which is between 2014 and 2015, I believe.
(e) me to be leader of the BNP after the next leadership election which will become a radical but Civic Nationalist movement that will no longer be racist, Islamophobic or antisemitic, but a beacon of hope for social conservatives, libertarians and British businesses big and small who want fewer laws and lower taxes and for government to be rationally small in a society that respects the institutions of marriage and family in a Brave New Britain that is no longer a vassal state of the EU.

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