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Claire Khaw now has her own entry in Metapedia!

Claire Khaw is a blogger based in the UK and former member of the British National Party who was expelled from that party in 2011 for comments about disabled people (supporting eugenics) that were perceived to be politically incorrect. She is of Malaysian Chinese descent, and runs two blogs called The Voice of Reason and The Battlefield of Love.

Her ideology is strongly against feminism, and she is highly critical of single mothers, whom she refers to as "slut single mothers" (SSMs). She supports civic nationalism, a form of national identity adopted by non-Europeans in White countries, rather than ethno-nationalism or white nationalism.

She has met many individuals in UK nationalism and has worked with David Jones of the British People's Party and others. 

Below are statements that I hope will explain my ideas more clearly to assist anyone who might wish to add to or amend this entry using the information.

  1. The term "Malaysian" refers to nationality.
  2. Chinese is an ethnicity.
  3. Not all mothers are single mothers, not all single mothers are Slut Single Mothers.
  4. You can only be a Slut Single Mother (SSMs) if you have illegitimate offspring.
  5. Marriage is eugenic, illegitimacy is dysgenic.   
  6. A nation consists of more than one tribe agreeing to become or remain a nation because it is believed that it is in their mutual interests to do so.   
  7. If a nation can consist of more than one tribe, then there is no reason why these tribes have to be of the same race.
  8. Judaism is ethno-nationalist, Islam civic nationalist and Judaism Lite.
  9. Statistically, we are most likely to be murdered by our nearest and dearest.  This means that in peacetime, the probability of you being murdered by a member of your family is higher than that of being murdered by a stranger of another race, which would suggest that the enemy is, as ever, within.  Out of all the people in your family who are likely to murder you, your spouse is the most likely to wish to do so.   
  10. Successive governments have conspired to facilitate immigration even as they know how much their voters dislike it.
  11. The reason why successive governments have conspired to facilitate immigration even as they know how much their voters dislike it is because of the low birth rate.  
  12. The low birth rate and the deteriorating quality of the national gene pool is caused by feminism.
  13. Feminism and employment protection legislation forces employers to hire women when they would rather have men or else be sued for the thoughtcrime of exercising their discrimination.   
  14. Feminism has meant that the quality of the work that women are traditionally expected to do have markedly deteriorated ie the rearing of children who will grow into productive adult citizens.   
  15. Feminism has made divorce increasingly common and with that singly-parented children.
  16. Singly-parented children are socially, economically, intellectually and culturally disadvantaged compared to the children of married parents who live with each other.
  17. Imagine a generation of degenerate illegitimate offspring who go on to have yet more degenerate children who go on to have yet more degenerate offspring.  Let us say that each subsequent generation is only half as good as the previous one etc.  This phenomenon is called Progressive Degeneration (pun intended).  
  18. No political party will criticise feminism because even male politicians are afraid of women, who have the vote.
  19. David Jones is indeed my former political associate.  Notable nationalists I have met are Peter Rushton, Richard Edmonds, Kevin and Kate Watmough, Simon Sheppard, Nick Griffin, Adrian Davies, Eddy Butler, Michelle Renouf, David Irving. 
  20. I am neither antisemitic nor Islamophobic.
  21. I do not think that any race is inherently superior or inferior to others.
  22. What improves or condemns any race or nation is its morality/state ideology/religion.
  23. A nation can only stay a nation if its borders are respected, its peoples are united and it has a state ideology capable keeping its people united and its borders protected.
  24. A nation is analogous to a household.  Only if the head of the household is obeyed when he issues instructions that are meant to protect the boundaries of his property and the security of its buildings will this household protect itself against trespassers, burglars and robbers.   
  25. Civic nationalism is the only viable form of nationalism in the 21st century.
  26. Nationalism ought to be defined as an ideology of promoting the long-term national interest.
  27. The long-term national interest can only be promoted through a united government in a one-party state with a party constitution that protects the rights of its members to express their views without being expelled or demoted if what they say is (a) true (b) morally defensible and (c) intellectually defensible. 
  28. It is my belief that the government of Britain would improve if the parties merged into one and used their energies to improve the government of this country instead of scoring petty political points which do nothing to promote the long term national interest. 
  29. What she hopes will be her enduring legacy is Secular Koranism - the idea of infusing UK law with Koranic principles, but without the need to convert a single soul.   
  30. I am atheist who sees the Utility of God as an Instrument of Government. 
  31. Feminism is Dementia, Patriarchy is Reason.

The revised and fuller version by Leon Georgiou is below.

Claire Khaw is a political blogger based in the United Kingdom. She is a former member of the British National Party who was expelled from the party in 2011 for advocating the right of parents to commit infanticide if their infant is disabled.

Khaw is of Malaysian Chinese descent and is a civic nationalist who believes in a multiracial society of shared moral values along the lines of the Islamic concept of the ummah. She runs two blogs — The Voice of Reason and The Battlefield of Love — and is noted principally for her strong views against feminism and the decline of marriage as the foundation for the modern family unit.

Khaw has branded her ideology as “Secular Koranism”, which she describes as infusing the English legal system with Qur’anic principles “without needing to convert a single soul to Islam”. She is an atheist, but believes that only a strong social role played by religion is capable of reconsecrating marriage and traditional family values; she is interested in exploring the usefulness, rather than the literal truthfulness of religious faith. She believes that Christianity is incorrigibly infested with feminist and liberal clergymen, and that a literal interpretation of Islam by reading the Qur’an and rejecting the hadith is better equipped to restore social conservatism.

She is highly critical of unmarried single mothers, whom she refers to as “slut single mothers” (“SSMs”) and places considerable emphasis on widespread illegitimacy as the cause of a general disregard for morality (societal breakdown or anomie), the welfare state (which she advocates abolishing), and crime. In line with Qur’anic teaching, she advocates scourging unmarried mothers 100 times as a deterrent to premarital sex. More recently, she has expressed staunch opposition to the legalisation of same-sex marriage in the United Kingdom.

In favour of a radical reform of the British political system, Khaw supports a transition to a “one-party democracy”, whereby all potential political representatives must be members of the one existing party and earn their seats on the strength of their policies, not personalities. She believes this will impede the ability of morally corrupt party leaders to behave autocratically, such as by instructing party members how to vote on key issues (the current party whip system in the United Kingdom); a one-party democracy would, therefore, provide a true free market of ideas and principles to be battled out.

Khaw has met many individuals in British nationalism and has worked with David Jones, previously of the British People's Party. Although a civic nationalist, she has exhibited a willingness to work with White Nationalists on the premise that what is good for White people in Britain is good for other races in Britain too.

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