Saturday, 23 March 2013

What to do if you are a Eurosceptic but cannot join UKIP

If you are a Eurosceptic but cannot join UKIP because you were once members of the following parties

  1. British National Party
  2. National Front
  3. British Freedom Party
  4. British People's Party
  5. English Defence League
  6. Britain First
  7. UK First Part
but would still like to be a political activist, here are two suggestions:

  1. Join the Conservative Party
  2. Join the Labour Party


So you can vote for the next leader of those parties when they have their leadership contest.  (Remember, you cannot vote in the leadership contest unless you have already been in the party for at least three months.)  I know it doesn't sound much, but it is probably the most significant thing you will ever do in politics.   

I suggest you join the political party that you think will be most likely to be successful in the next general election in your constituency, just because it would cheer you up to be in a party that wins, for a change, instead of being stupidly proud to come second or third or fourth or fifth.  Pathetic.   

Once you are a member, you could report back to me the goings on in your locality, and I will tell you what to do next.   

You are wasting your time in the BNP and should leave the field clear for UKIP and let them do the donkey work. demonstrates that most people already agree with you, but they hate the people who support the BNP so much that they will do the opposite and would rather think they are wrong, than be seen to be supporting a party of lower class whites who are whingeing because they cannot compete against unskilled foreign labour.

You have to think of the voter with a business to run taking one look at you people and thinking

"Thank God I don't have to  hire them any more.  I would rather cut my own throat, close down my business than ever have anything to do with these people ever again in my life.  They really are the scum of the earth.  If these people support the BNP, then I know I must do the opposite of that." is the documentary when an employer practically said he would rather gouge out his eyes or close down his business than hire a local.

So, up your game and join the Conservatives or the Labour Party to vote for their next Eurosceptic leader, instead of being rejected by UKIP and exploited by Nick Griffin.

You know it makes sense.

Hitler said in Mein Kampf:

"If an inspiring personality who has the gift of leadership cannot be found for the organisation and direction of a local group it is better for the movement to refrain from establishing such a group than to run the risk of a failure after the group has been founded." 

This is something the BDP should take acknowledge, perhaps.

Once they have accepted the truth and implications of this advice, they should just melt away and join Labour and the Conservatives instead, and at least be in a position to influence events by voting against Cameron and Miliband when their members have had enough of them.   

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