Monday, 15 April 2013

Roger Scruton cannot bring himself to read the Koran with an open mind

On the Qur'an 'A lot of the Qur'an is, frankly, cantankerous, vitriolic, man-hating stuff.'

One has to wonder if Roger Scruton has ever read the Koran, and whether the reason for his failure is to do so is anything to do with his vitriolic hatred of Muslims from the standpoint of his chauvinism as a Christian Englishmen. suggests that he is quite unaware of the Koran's ambivalent attitude towards wine.  He also seems to be suggesting that he would like to blaspheme against the God of the Koran by spilling his wine all over it.

Clearly, Scruton is yet another educated man incapable of picking up the book and reading it with an open mind.

If so, then he clearly does deserve the persecution he has received at the hands of the Reds and the Commie P:inkos who are now everywhere.

Scruton should realise that Christianity is clearly a failing and defective faith, and the proof is in the pudding that we are all eating now.

Perhaps the questions I asked of one his detractors, Theo Hobson, who does not apparently even recognise Scruton as a fellow Christian, will be of interest to him.  It would be interesting to compare their answers.

  1. What is the difference between Modern Christianity and Traditional Christianity? The former seems to be all about going to heaven without observing any of its moral precepts.
  2. If Christianity is social conservatism and liberalism the antithesis of social conservatism, then surely Liberal Christianity is an oxymoronic nonsense that is all about having your cake and eating it?
  3. Has the Church of England always been a creature of the state? When the state upheld social conservatism, the Church of England upheld social conservatism. Now that the extremist liberal feminist state has seen fit to promote gay marriage and female bishops this will be what it will do too, without even pausing to consider if gay marriage or female bishops is what the Bible prescribes.
  4. The Church of England is now infested with liberals, feminists, homosexuals, selfish ambitious women, Commie Pinkos and men with third rate minds who regard the Church as no more than a source from which to derive an income while subverting the morality of Biblical teachings.
    If you do not agree with this statement, why not?

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