Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Anjem Choudary talking about himself and Islam for 45 minutes

Anjem Choudary explaining why Islam is better for us than democracy and hypocrisy.

Choudary says Sadiq Khan MP is an apostate, and so he is for voting for gay marriage.  I wonder how Muslim terrorists feel about living in a country that has gay marriage.  Will they be disgusted enough to do something about it?  If they did, would we be very very upset?

Instead of a Dear Santa letter, would grown ups instead write

"Dear Muslim Terrorist
For Xmas I would like you to terrorise [fill in the blank]."?

They might like to do something useful for social conservatives for a change.  Then they might become more popular?

In case anyone gets offended over any of this, it really is time people acknowledged that the fanatics and lunatics are already in government and starting wars all over the place.

Can you imagine Nick Griffin and Anjem Choudary sharing a sofa together?

Who is more cuddly?

Nick Griffin?

Or Anjem Choudary?

Or are they both equally cute?

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