Thursday, 6 June 2013

Lord Mandelson votes for gay marriage. Can I forgive him and marry him still?

I was asked this morning if I could ever marry a man who supported gay marriage.  I said no, but rather uneasily.

It turned out that my misgivings were confirmed.  Peter did indeed vote for gay marriage.  Does this mean I must abandon forever my plan to marry Peter?

The answer is no.  I will still give Peter my hand in marriage, and all the more gladly if he later admits the error of his ways and renounces his belief that gay marriage is a good thing.  If given the opportunity, I am sure I can succeed in persuading him to recant after a little expenditure of effort.

Peter is an ideology-free zone anyway, and I know he will just do whatever I tell him is both moral and expeditious at the time once I have convinced him of my view of what is right.

The future of the nation is too important for me to be too rigid in such things.  It will be good to show the voter that I can be forgiving, reasonable as well as a good loyal wife to the man I hope will one day be my dear husband Peter.  

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