Saturday, 22 June 2013

Should MCSF and SPOSSM bachelors be treated as second class citizens?

If the franchise were restricted only to men, should bachelors be disenfranchised to get a better class of voter?

We have discovered that it is men who say they don't want to get married and never want to have children who do not want their access to online porn restricted.

We have discovered that it is men who say they don't want to get married and never want to have children who are most vociferous and hypocritical in condemning me for proposing to legalise infanticide if it is committed by the parents of the unwanted disabled unviable infant.

We have discovered that it is men who say they don't want to get married and never want to have children  who refuse to condemn SSMs, because they want their source of sex to stay cheap.  Otherwise, they would have to take a wife or pay a prostitute.

Clearly, indiscriminate universal suffrage has been a terrible mistake.

These unmarried men are MCSFs and they constitute the majority of men these days.

Left to themselves these MCSFs would protect SSMs and sluts forever more while filling their time between slut-fucking with masturbating to porn. They will never marry or have children. These men are actually useless as well as immoral.

I am surprised that the BNP (who ought to be concerned about the degeneracy of the white race, you would have thought) do not see this obvious cause of social problems.

Or perhaps they do, but do not wish to alienate the majority of their members who are overwhelmingly MCSFs.

All SPOSSMs are MCSFs but not all MCSFs are SPOSSMs.

SPOSSM - Sex Partner of SSM

MCSF - Morally-Compromised Slut-Fucker

Most voters in Britain are sluts, SSMs or MCSFs.

People deserve the government they get.

After all, you wouldn't expect a nation of sluts, SSMs and MCSFs to deserve good government, would you?

Such people would only deserve a political establishment with the morals of a stupid slut and the behaviour of a bastard.


Anonymous said...

So yeah, the problem is not Jews, Muslims, blacks, or immigrants. Oh no.

It's white guys masturbating to porn that's the issue at hand.

So yeah, these days white women are sluts and white men are slut fuckers. Families, marriages and relationships don't last or work and everyone's a whore.

Is that how you see things nowadays?

Are we a "civilization of Peter Pans refusing to grow up"?

What could possibly be more dysgenic than that?

The left doesn't believe in the existence of dysgenics, and associates that with fascism.

There's your problem.

It's seen as morally evil to want good traits to be passed on to the next generation.

Claire Khaw said...

All that has to be done is for UKIP or BNP to be prepared to fight feminism and have me in their party.

All you and people like you have to do is write to Nigel Farage and Nick Griffin urging that this be done.

Anonymous said...

Even if a far-right or right-wing party did by some remote chance adopt your ideas, you would still be ridiculed or ignored by the mainstream and those further to the left would be actively hostile towards you.

Claire Khaw said...

I actually think it is only a matter of time before they do. You must be prepared to put up with mockery, hostility and ridicule if you want to be in politics.