Friday, 12 July 2013

It would be cheaper for the Conservative Party if they just got themselves this one Conservative principle


Here is one they can have for free:

"The Conservative Party supports, first and foremost, the principle of free speech and of promoting and conserving the long-term national interest. The national interest includes solvency, social stability through the promotion of the institution of marriage between a man and a woman, stable prices through fiscal prudence as well as the maintenance of standards of morality and education that are considered respectable and enviable by other nations and which are maintained from one generation to the next.  It is the intention of the Conservative Party to use the Koran as its guide."

If I do get permission to apply for judicial review, I will make them an offer that they adopt the above principle and then tell me how I have behaved in a way that is "wholly inconsistent" with it.  If I am persuaded of the justice of their reasons, or, if they annul my expulsion, I will withdraw my action.

If they refuse and I win then they will be liable for my costs.

Can't say fairer than that, can you?

It is not like that finances are in a healthy state either.

I am aghast that the City of London would wish to bankroll a political party that is so stupid it conflates tax evasion with tax avoidance and which refuses to raise educational standards in schools so that British businesses can have a better quality of employee born and bred and educated in Britain.

If I were dictator I would certainly lower taxes and cut red tape.  Perhaps the City of London should be thinking of bank-rolling me instead of the Conservative Party.

Top 10 City donors

  1. David Rowland, financier: has donated £4,031,016 since 2005
  2. Michael Farmer, hedge fund: £2,973,850
  3. Stanley Fink, hedge fund: £1,945,141
  4. Michael Hintze, hedge fund:£1,235,000
  5. Adrian Beecroft, private equity: £537,076
  6. James Lyle, hedge fund: £500,000
  7. Jon Wood, hedge fund: £500,000
  8. Peter Hall, investment fund: £493,540
  9. George Magan, banker: £485,000
  10. Paul Ruddock, hedge fund: £465,000

I have also identified more parties and organisations whom I feel ought to support me.

  1. The Marriage Foundation
  2. Christian Concern
  3. Christian Institute
  4. Coalition for Marriage
  5. BNP
  6. UKIP
  7. The IEA
  8. The Libertarian Alliance
  9. Adam Smith Institute
  10. Members of the Conservative Party who think David Cameron is a fraud and not a Conservative
  11. Muslims who are against gay marriage and who are ashamed to find themselves living  in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland 

I am pleased to report that Dave Blatt of Canada has indicated an interest in setting up a Legal Defence Fund.  

Who would be interested in registering, maintaining, promoting and donating to a Claire Khaw Legal Defense Fund? Is a legal defense fund necessary? If the funds raised were not committed to Claire's lawyers, to which charity should excess funds be donated? Would this only encourage her to antagonize the wrong people or would it enable her to make full use of her right, and responsibility to free speech?

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