Saturday, 13 July 2013

My message to the beta male supporters of the BNP: social conservatism, which protects you and the integrity of your society and your people, can only be promoted and maintained by religion

Women of any race despise men of a lower class whom they don't fancy.  How can they fancy men whom they regard as inferior to them? When they don't fancy you, you really are useless to them. If you don't even have a job, then you might as well be dead to them.

Guardian-reading feminists know deep down that it was their liberal social and educational policies that caused so many NEET males to come into existence.

It is after all human nature to hate those whom we have injured.

Proprium humani ingenii est odisse quem laeseris

They find it hard to forgive you for reminding them of what their crap policies have turned you into.

It was Simon Sheppard who said that men were instinctively more racist than women because they need to protect themselves from males of other races.

While both men and women fancy a bit of the other from time to time, women think foreign men in their midst are somehow cleverer and stronger than their own men if they manage to penetrate into their society and will find them attractive for this very reason.

The fact that women these days can legally and socially forbid men from expressing views they dislike is conclusive evidence of female supremacy and male submission.

Every now and then these women like to throw their weight around and remind you who is boss. This is probably why that female teacher mentioned at - and I am pretty confident that the teacher was white and female and non-Muslim - chose to humiliate a boy of her own race.

Who is an alpha and who a beta? An alpha is a man who is sexually attractive to women without even noticing them.

All societies need their betas because someone has to do the work. When your betas are replaced by foreigners, then the betas have lost the reason for their very existence. That is why they are treated with such contempt by their women and their government, and of course men of other races who notice their degradation.

The Muslims I talk to hardly ever even mention the BNP. They already know you are not even worth worrying about because you will never get anywhere and will get weaker and more effeminate with each generation.

Nationalists are overwhelmingly beta males. This means they are naturally followers but not leaders. Most of them know they have not the status, education, wealth or charisma to lead anything, and they are afraid of the ridicule of their fellow betas who no longer have male codes of honour capable of promoting male solidarity.

For any movement to be successful it needs to be led by an alpha male. Nick Griffin is an alpha male, being a public schoolboy and having some of the charm that goes with it, but sadly for you all, he lacks moral courage and has no principles.

Since the leader of the BNP holds a virtual monopoly in nationalism and he is not interested in helping nationalists except to profit from their grievance, nothing much is going to happen.

If he wanted the movement to prosper, he would turn it into an exclusively civic nationalist movement as Jean Marie Le Pen was urging him to do so way back in 2004, but that is more than his job's worth since he knows how many of you will not see why you should and will hate him for even proposing it.

Anyone who seems like he could be a successful leadership contender - ie who is posh, personable, good-looking etc - will be ruthlessly removed from the party.

The person who fits this description most that I knew of was Andrew Moffatt, but he didn't really want the job anyway.

As Nick once said at an East London meeting , "Those of you who want my job can't do it, and those of you who can do my job don't want it."

All Nick has to do is to just give you people exactly what you want, to ensure the failure of nationalism. It really is as simple as that.

You don't want to go civic nationalist, he won't make you go civic nationalist.

You want to join the EDL on their marches, he will lift the proscription against the EDL.

You want your anti-Muslim marches, he will give you your anti-Muslim marches.

You don't want to talk about foreign or education policy then he won't talk about foreign or education policy and just go on and on and on about Muslim grooming and Muslim sex predators.

He doesn't care as long as you are coughing up your money often enough to keep him in his job.

Anyway, the only person in the land who can do his job and would like to give it a go is me, but I am a Muslim-loving female and a foreigner in your eyes, so I will never get anywhere and Nick will just stay on till he hands the job to his daughter Jennifer.

That is the reality of the nationalist position. is something I prepared earlier on the same theme.

Islam, because it promotes social conservatism and moral restraint, makes Muslims more cohesive than BNP supporters who wonder where their people and their country have gone.

If you don't watch out, enough smart white working class women who want legitimate children will convert to Islam just to get a decent husband.

And then you will find yourselves converting to Islam just to get a decent wife.

It won't be the Asian Muslims who did it to you, but you allowing your women to do this to you, and all because you refuse to confront them now about their morals.

It is a can of worms though, isn't it?

Your women do what they do - have their variously-fathered feral bastards on the state - because the welfare state allows sluts to have bastards all over the place.

It stands to reason that if most of the women in Britain are sluts, then eventually, most of the babies in Britain will be bastards.

There is a reason why the word bastard is a derogatory word, and it is common to most cultures.   The Chinese have their own version - "ma te" which means literally "It is the mother's".  The mother's what, you ask?  The mother's fault for bringing the bastard into existence and not bringing it up properly.

If you want to abolish the welfare state then you have to abolish it for yourselves too.

Sluts and the Welfare State are your sacred cows, so you are left with complaining about Jews, Muslims and immigration.

While Jews and Muslims believe that their God is moral and omnipotent the people who hate Jews and Muslims - like you-  are known chiefly for your fear of offending your women.  While men of most races will even sympathise with you if you are afraid of a tyrant who is smarter, stronger and richer than you, he will feel only contempt for a race whose men are afraid of the worst of their women ie sluts.

If most of the women are sluts, they reason, then most of the men must be morally-compromised slut-fuckers (MCSFs) afraid of criticising the morals of their women, and they would be right, wouldn't they?

In the sense of Western men having shared values, I suppose it could be said that they all share the idea that sluts must not be criticised and that feminism is their Queen who has given them all that free and cheap slut sex that they have so far managed to enjoy.

But why they would accept such a pernicious ideology that weakens them with every degenerate generation is beyond me.

I suppose it is because most of these men don't have children and just want to go to their graves keeping the beliefs they were brought up with, ie that feminism is good because it turned women into sluts, and most men love to fuck sluts.

They think, perhaps, that the Feminist Slut Show will continue to run for a bit longer, and will continue in their lifetimes at least. By the time the tide of Islam is in, they will be dead, they think.

If they had children they would be concerned about the future, but since most of them do not, or if they did had lost touch with them, life for the beta male is all about filling his boots as much as he can with cheap slut sex till he can no longer get it up and he dies.

This is how the typical atheist British male thinks, and there really is no hope for him.

Social conservatism is the means through which you preserve your civilisation and traditions, or all that your ancestors have acquired and learnt will be forgotten and lost in a few generations.

The only viable force for social conservatism in Britain now is Islam.

You could say the BNP is one of the forces for social conservatism, but we already know that they are regarded with hatred and contempt.

Very few voters would wish to identify themselves with a pariah group consisting of low status, low income plebeian males that no sane woman would want to fuck let alone marry.

In any case, beyond saying no to gay marriage, the BNP have done nothing to promote marriage, because its leader already knows most of its members are incapable of ever being seen as marriageable by sane white women.

Jews and Muslims are the living demonstration of the power of the institutions of marriage and family. Just by respecting those institutions they effortlessly rise while you sink like a stone.

Social conservatism protects the integrity of your nation, but that means moral restraint in the form of respecting marriage. This actually means prohibiting extramarital sex, but I already know that most atheist white Britons who regard extramarital sex as their birth right will find my remedies detestable.

Because I have blasphemed against the Trinity of the Sacred Cows that the British worship - Feminism, the Welfare State and the SSM - it is unlikely that I will be admitted as a member of any political party.

Because the Conservative Party is a fraud on its supporters and no longer promotes social conservatism, nothing much will change for the beta males who support the BNP.   Their leader will not tell them what is really the problem with them for fear of offending them and perhaps causing them to join a rival nationalist party, and why should they listen to someone like me - a female and a foreigner - who tells them things they do not want to hear?

So nothing will happen to improve the lot of the beta male, who will become increasingly degenerate, effeminate and unattractive to the women of their race.

While I believe that even a beta can become an alpha, none of the nationalists I know are capable of challenging Nick Griffin for reasons of education, class, occupation and income.  After all, they are overwhelmingly beta and betas are conformists who do what they are told.

Betas are also potential alphas who continue to fear to do what they must do to become alpha.   

Betas are betas because they had no father around to show them how to be an alpha, because they were deprived of their fathers by their mothers who did not think their sons needed a father or that she needed to have a husband before having offspring.

Betas are betas because they were taught mostly by female teachers.

Being the mind of a man happily inhabiting the body of a woman and who understands what must be done to win the ideological battle, I believe I could do a lot for nationalists.  However, it is not likely that Nick Griffin, who is in thrall to female BNP supporters with disabled family members up North, would defy them, is it? After all, there are many more disabled illegitimate BNP members than there are of me, and he would not wish to alienate them.

He will just say I am seen as a Nazi Muslim-sympathiser who is a female and a foreigner, with a detestable message and detestable remedies, and he would be right.  

No, it is most unlikely that I will ever get anywhere in British politics and will continue to be seen as a lone voice, marginalised, ignored and derided by the LibLabCon as well as the parties who oppose them.

I am however heartened to see the mainstream media and mainstream politicians becoming increasingly critical of feminism.

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Anonymous said...

"If you don't even have a job, then you might as well be dead to them"

Not necessarily true. I've come across unemployed men who have been in relationships. In some cases you can have a couple, and both the man and the woman are on state benefits.

And criminals don't have a proper job yet some women definitely find them sexy.

"Guardian-reading feminists know deep down that it was their liberal social and educational policies that caused so many NEET males to come into existence"

Whilst I'd admit that left-wing policies have played a role in creating unemployable types, I'd also say that even more significant than that have been economic factors, which are largely beyond the control of even Guardian-reading feminists.

Are you going to be telling me next that the global financial crisis that has been taking place since 2007 has also been caused, directly or indirectly, by SSMs?

Do you yourself have a job Claire, at the moment?

You're an intelligent woman. Being intelligent yet not having enough to do is a very frustrating situation to be in.

Simon Sheppard is one of these people who is a bona fide genius. He just needs to drop the Jew stuff from his thinking, then he'd be a lot more credible.

I mean, there is a little bit of truth to what these types say about Jews. There have been quite a lot of prominent Jews in far-left, feminist and anti-racist activism. But I wouldn't take the Jew thing much further than that.

And then the fact that a lot of large corporations have Jewish owners, not to mention the disproportionate quantity of Jews in banking, media and politics. And of course the content of the Talmud.

But I promise that's it.

"While both men and women fancy a bit of the other from time to time, women think foreign men in their midst are somehow cleverer and stronger than their own men if they manage to penetrate into their society and will find them attractive for this very reason"


Nick Griffin, an alpha male? Seriously? Pfft.

I don't even know why you keep going on about the BNP anyway, it's a trainwreck and people don't even care that much about it these days.

"The only viable force for social conservatism in Britain now is Islam"

Try telling that to people in, say, Caithness, where I was last week for a while.

Not too many Muslims up there (if literally any), but quite a few churches. It's part of Britain just as much as London is.

As I have already hinted at, the BNP is like a giant stinking turd that is floating in a pool of urine in a toilet bowl.

But yeah, here's your "pariah group consisting of low status, low income plebeian males":

I would actually like to vote for a decent right-wing party, but not these guys who resemble the drunk morons that you find coming out of dodgy pubs.

Although I despise white liberals and left-wingers, I do suspect that the intelligence of these National Front types is lower than that of even the most uncritical and dogmatic politically correct leftist.

"Most atheist white Britons who regard extramarital sex as their birth right will find my remedies detestable"

It's true. A significant proportion of men would rather be single and fuck sluts than be in a relationship with a woman with a view to marriage, which won't allow them to fuck sluts.

"Betas are betas because they had no father around to show them how to be an alpha"

I personally have always had a father around, and was born to married parents. Does that make me an alpha?

Let me just ask you a handful of questions, Claire, at point blank range:

How old are you?
Are you a single mother yourself?
Were you born in the UK? If not, when did you arrive here?

You claim to be a woman with the qualities of an alpha male; if so these questions should be a doddle for you.