Thursday, 4 July 2013

Pikeys doing better than white working classes

The white working classes of Britain do not practise marriage.

Gypsies, on the other hand, do, which is why their numbers are increasing at the expense of the mostly illegitimate white working classes.

What do Jews, Muslims, the middle classes and other groups do that the working classes that the working classes no longer do?

Why, they practise marriage, of course.  They get married, they stay married, they pass their property and traditions down to their children and keep in touch with the rest of their family, which reinforces their sense of group identity and social cohesion.

Such groups would easily beat the sons and daughters of SSMs.

Why does the BNP not support marriage?

Either Nick Griffin is not persuaded of the virtues of marriage, or he, like the LiblabCon, do not care enough about the indigenous working classes to give them the advice they so desperately need.

Nick Griffin recently celebrated this 28th wedding anniversary, so I think we can take it that he is aware of the advantages of staying and getting married.

He does not think BNP supporters are up to it though.  It does look like he has given up on them as a bad job, fit only to be exploited and abused.   Clearly, he sees it as more than his job's worth to tell a bunch of  losers and SSMs who cannot compete against foreigners in the field of unskilled manual labour to get married, have legitimate children and send them to grammar school to improve their life chances.

If they all improve their life chances they wouldn't be hanging around in the BNP, would they?  

Just imagine how the public perception of the BNP would be transformed into a party of social responsibility and business if it promoted marriage, selective education, lower taxes and the cutting of red tape.  

Nick Griffin knows that they prefer to blame Muslims and Jews rather than up their game.   Nick Griffin blames Muslims and Jews just like an indulgent parent of an obese child would blame the rest of the world for mocking and disliking their slow, obese and ill-bred child.

Nick Griffin is clearly of the "spare the rod and spoil the child" school of British parenting.  


Heather said...

I would hardly call terminating a girl's education, stuffing her head full of fairy tail meringue wedding dresses and a lifetime of subservience, MARRIAGE. They are certainly breeding more, but what they are breeding is more relevant than using them as an example of happy families.

Claire Khaw said...

I call a contact between a man and a woman to bring up the children of the marriage together marriage.