Friday, 13 September 2013

Claire Khaw prepared to raise funds to buy BNP from Nick Griffin to rehabilitate the decrepit image of nationalism

  1. How much would I have to pay him to annul my expulsion in 2011 and put me into a position where I can contest the 2015 BNP leadership election?
  2. Is it just him I have to bribe or are there members on the Advisory Council I would have to bribe as well?
If I am told the minimum he would be prepared to accept, I can go about the business of raising funds as soon as possible.

Then everyone would be happy, wouldn't they?

Who would be happy?

  1. Existing BNP members who have seen the civic nationalist light.  
  2. Former BNP members who have seen the civic nationalist light.
  3. Beneficiaries of the ethno-nationalist exodus from the BNP - the NF and the BDP come to mind.
  4. Nationalists in general because they would enjoy discussing the situation with each other and having hissy fits all over the place.  
  5. The BNP as a whole because people will join either to vote for Nick Griffin or vote for me.  The BNP would then be fattened by increased membership.  
  6. Nationalists who think lots of lovely publicity for the party and nationalism in general would be a good thing.
  7. Nationalists who think I would be a good leader because they trust me and like me.  
  8. Eurosceptics and disgruntled Conservatives, as well as Libertarians, and maybe even Muslims who would just love my ideas. 
  9. Nationalists like Dave Jones who love to hate me and my ideas would also be over the moon. 
  10. The lower middle classes and those who aspire to better themselves and are prepared to work hard and be sensible.  The New Model Civic Nationalist Antifeminist BNP would be a party that will craft policies specially to benefit the lower middle classes.  
  11. The British people when the benign effects of my radical exciting non-racist low-tax low-regulation social conservative policies have had a chance to come to fruition.
  12. Antifeminists who will be delighted to have a party that unambiguously challenges feminism.
  13. Disgruntled Conservatives who will be delighted that a political genius such as me is taking an interest in their cause.
  14. UKIP people who think it is just stupid and snobbish to ban ex-BNP members from joining their party.
  15. Anyone who just enjoys a good ideological debate conducted in the public eye.   
  16. Anyone who thinks that a one-party state is the only way to preserve the integrity of Conservatism.
  17. Anyone who relishes discussing the disestablishment of the Anglican Church.
  18. Anyone who relishes discussing the establishment of a new British religious institution that will replace the feminists, Reds and Commie Pinkos in the Church.  
  19. My friends and supporters who want the new British national character to be known as being rational, robust and resourceful, instead of being degenerate, illegitimate and effeminate, and those who wish the concept of civic virtue to be restored.
  20. Anyone who wants a referendum on the EU.
  21. Anyone who wants a flat rate income tax of 20%. 
  22. Anyone who wants to reintroduce fault into divorce by means of making it compulsory to agree a marriage contract before being allowed to marry.
  23. Anyone who knows that the institution of the family can only be supported by the institution of marriage, and anyone who knows that marriage is only for a man and a woman.  
  24. Anyone who wants to repeal the Equality Act 2010 which is nothing more or less than totalitarian thoughtcrime legislation.  2:256  "There is no compulsion in belief."  
  25. Anyone who wants to narrow the franchise to taxpayers only.
  26. Anyone who wants to abolish inheritance tax.
  27. Anyone who wants to abolish the civil partnership.
  28. Anyone who wants to reintroduce capital punishment.
  29. Anyone who wants to reintroduce corporal punishment.  
  30. Anyone who wants to abolish the welfare state. 
  31. Anyone who wants to abolish usury. 
  32. Anyone who agrees with me that the patriarchy is the lesser evil ie the beta male.
  33. Anyone who believes in selective education and traditional teaching methods.
The list is quite long, is it not, considering how many people must already doubt my sanity for proposing this.

Oh, and I would start a BNP debating society to raise the standards of political debate.

Pretty comprehensive, huh?

Here is a message received 15/9 from a disgruntled BNP member:

"No meetings attended because no organisers thus no questions.  That was NG strategy.  No communication other than his own.  Minimal possibility of leadership challenge.  Hopes for enough mug donation to fund his own EU campaign.  Meanwhile blocks genuine democratic development.  Serves state interest."

 In fact, to achieve lasting credit, he should annul my expulsion now, announce his retirement and appoint me as Acting Chairman, without asking for payment at all.   But I know that is too much to hope for.  

I suggest that those of you who are going to the conference will discuss this earnestly and seriously with each other.  

3.2.1 Our Party is a party of British Nationalism, both ethnic and civic,
we are committed to the principle of national sovereignty in all our British
Homeland affairs and of self determination and sovereignty in all Indigenous
British affairs. We are pledged to the continued creation, fostering, maintenance
and existence of a unity and of the integrity of the Indigenous British and of the
government of the countries of England, Scotland and Wales and Northern
Ireland, and of Eire which together, and as further expanded in Schedule 1
(“Interpretation Rules”), are referred to in this, our Constitution, as our “British

would be changed to:

"Our party is a party of civic nationalism committed to promoting the long-term national interest through the judicious balancing of the conflicting needs and wants of British citizens of different races, classes, religions, genders, ages and abilities. That we should have liberty is all that they can agree on, and it is the policy of this party that the British peoples shall have liberty from unnecessary laws and oppressive taxes.   We are pledged to maintain the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the establishment of meritocracy facilitated by social mobility. Social mobility can only be facilitated by a free and excellent selective education system."

So how much do you want, Nick?    

It is my hope that Nick Griffin will see the good sense of annulling my membership and putting me in the position of being able to be a leadership contender, without any financial inducements at all. It would create great interest in the party and attract new members who would either want to join the party to vote for or against me.

It just wouldn't look good on him if he asked for a large sum of money, even if he were given it.

If he asked for a small sum of money it would make him look cheap.

The best thing for him to do is just let me back into the party so I can sort out its image and ideology.

However, if he does require a financial payment, it would be as well to ask for it before the leadership contest in 2015, after which interest in the party would dwindle dramatically.

What is the least he will accept for putting into motion the steps that will give me control of the party?

When he names a price, after you have agreed the principle of accepting payment for giving me control of the party, then I can go about the business of getting the money together.  

Really, it is a win-win solution for everyone. mentions what Eddy Butler thought it would require to induce Nick Griffin to retire.

Those of you thinking of going to the conference should print this out and take it to the Blackpool Conference on 28-29 September 2013, so you can discuss it with each other.

It is no longer true that there are no new ideas in nationalism; I have delivered them by the lorry-load.  Sadly, however, not much attempt will be made to discuss them because these people don't like thinking, and don't like putting thoughts to action, and Nick Griffin won't want to give me any credit for any of my ideas.   I believe he even goes around calling me a Nazi.

Maybe you can put him right at conference.  Anyone who likes any of my ideas should of course get in touch.


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