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Simon Sheppard - a Prophet of our Times?

Simon Sheppard nowhere said in this book that that was his intention nor did he mention the term yin and yang at all, but this is in fact what this revolutionary and seminal work has accomplished. It explains the destructiveness of the gender war that is being waged and which will forever be waged, for women will always want more rights than they currently have and men will always be the weaker sex unless they avail themselves of the protection of a moral God which forbids extramarital sex.

Sheppard does not mention marriage as the answers to society's ills, however.


It is marriage - a very delicate mechanism - that is the pivot upon which gender *balance* rests. It is respect for the institution of marriage that reins in the worst vices of each sex, but we no longer respect it.

Because it is now the majority practice to have sex with a sex partner to whom you are not married before you will consider marrying them, men are now forced to lie in order to get sex from a woman to whom they are not married.

To become habituated to lying because men want sex and are expected to have extramarital sex, must corrupt the character of men.

"After the male has made a successful approach, saying anything the female does not like, and which induces any unpleasant feeling, irrespective of how truthful the statement is, immediately sours the male's chances.  His error is often irrevocable.  This is a likely source of male dishonesty, and indeed the male may, from adolescence onwards, adopt female perspectives in order to improve his success.  The most convincing liar is one who has deceived himself."

The process of the feminisation of the Western heterosexual male has now been explained and revealed.

If however women were expected to be virgins before marriage, the transactions would be more honest. A man would decide upon the woman he wishes to have as a wife but without the option of taking her for a test drive, so to speak.  (I have heard of a middle-aged woman who claimed she never married because she did not believe in sex before marriage, and sex before marriage in Britain would be the only way to get yourself into the game of finding a husband if you are not Jewish or Muslim to whom premarital sex is frowned upon.) This prohibition against premarital sex would inevitably make the courting couple dwell on non-sexual matters during courtship, which means that the man is not compelled to lie to the woman to get sex, but will be judged solely on his ability to provide for her and any children they might have together, and whether he would be a good husband and father. This is a better criterion to judge a man because what is being contemplated is their long-term future together instead of merely whether she is physically attracted to him ie whether he will do for a one-night stand. The offspring of the former will inevitably be of better quality than the latter. The important thing is that their children will be legitimate and grow up into responsible adults with the guidance of both parents with the benefit of their respective family connections and their cultural and economic resources.

This practice, if practised generally would tend to improve or at least maintain the quality of the next generation.

This practice, if abandoned by most people would tend to make each subsequent generation more degenerate than the other.

Marriage is eugenic, while bastardy is dysgenic.


The story of The Fisherman and His Wife perfectly explains the greedy female's lust for power, and it is this fairy tale that hints that history is doing nothing but repeating itself for our benefit because we have chosen to ignore its lessons.

How have we ignored its lessons? By refusing to take religion seriously because we are too busy worshiping what is now our sacred cow of sexual liberation.

I would be the first to admit that most would point out that refraining from premarital sex would put rather a dampener on things.   I would also be the first to admit that most people would not voluntarily restrain themselves from having premarital sex unless there is the prospect of immediate punishment in this life and in the hereafter.

Whom does this moral restraint benefit?  One's society, the next generation yet to be born and our civilisation.  "Who cares?"  I can hear the atheists asking as they shrug their shoulders.


Men who defend or refuse to criticise immoral women such as single mothers because they wish to avail themselves of the free to cheap sexual services they offer are in fact acquiescing in their own oppression.

Simon Sheppard does not in fact propose any political solutions, though he hints at them. What he does admirably is to explain and demonstrate how men are in fact exploited by women. The long term survival of any race, nation or civilisation is threatened by women having too much power, he also says.

Feminists will hate it because nothing he says can be disproved. Feminists also hate the objective truth, and never ever consider the long term national interest.

Below are a few choice quotes that will give you a flavour of the book.

"The male inclination is to encourage the strong, while the female tendency is to nurture the weak. Males value the old for their wisdom and experience, while females value the young, for their appeal and future promise."

"Female avoidance of risk means that radical solutions to society's problems will be abhorred, even when such radicalism is necessary. However, feminised societies are intrinsically unstable, with the result that large shifts can take place relatively quickly."

"1. Males make large differences larger and small differences smaller.
2. Females make large differences smaller and small differences larger."

"Sexual freedom replaces political freedom."

"Moral values must not shift rapidly or they would command no respect and thus no mass adherence."

"While the population, especially the male population, is distracted by their ... sexual appetites, and diverted in pursuit of what they have been led to believe is their fair quota of sex, an oligarchy is able to further its agenda unimpeded." [Sex is the opium of the West.]

"A correspondence exists between religion and sex: religion is the ancient sublimation of sex, for both provide the individual with a kind of immortality."

"Giving females a voice and allowing them to express their views on contemporary social problems is like asking the Devil for advice on how to cure sin. The weight of human misery and downright trouble, not to mention evolutionary damage, caused by allowing a small segment of the population, the fortunate, the attractive reproductive female free to rein of their instincts is enormous. So much of the social cruelty which is routinely being inflicted, and the burden of guilt arising from it, would be prevented if more normal relations between the sexes could be achieved."

"1. The super-masculine state dominates.
2. The super-feminine state becomes extinct."

"A weak person given power becomes not strong, but strongly weak. Machiavelli is the great master of power politics and an analogy in his style would be of a weak and indecisive king with an enemy gathering at the border. His generals clamour for a pre-emptive attack, but the king uses his power to overrule his generals and force a delay. Eventually the moment to strike is lost and the prevaricating king is toppled by the invading army.

Such is the situation with a feminine society - over-sensitive, critical of itself, tolerant of its enemies and ultimately doomed to domination by a more masculine strategy."

"Western societies are not evolving, but regressing."

Photo of 'Sex and Power' front cover   
Sex & Power



Photographs of a few pages of the book. Throughout, yellow boxes denote material from other sources, and blue ones are original material such as anecdotes of notable events and behaviour.






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