Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Smoking a peace pipe

Q:  How does dave jones compare with the typical ethno nationalist, is he representative of their income levels, education and intelligence?

A:  Dave Jones has great energy and drive. Perhaps there are no "typical" nationalists once you have gotten to know them individually.

Q:  what would the immediate repercussions be of you and Dave Jones publicly burying the hatchet? would you expect positive or negative feedback from your facebook friends?

A:  A mixture, I imagine.

Q:  "A reconciliation between Dave Jones and I would mean that ethno nationalists would have to start discussing becoming officially and unambiguously civic nationalist seriously. " - can you elaborate on how 2 insignificant people can cause this?

A:  I can hardly imagine that such a reconciliation would pass without comment and that nationalists in general would not speculate on what it all means.

Q:  You have a few public fallings out with people over the years, what excites you the most about a reconciliation with Dave Jones compared to the other people?

A:  Who else have I fallen out with apart from Dave? A reconciliation between Dave Jones and I would mean that ethno nationalists would have to start discussing becoming officially and unambiguously civic nationalist seriously.

Q:  apart from Dave Jones which prominent ethno nationalists would you like to convert?

A:  All of them at the BDP for starters.

Q:  Do you believe that Dave Jones would get a lot of stick from ethno nationalists for burying the hatchet?

A:  He is bound to.

Q:  How quickly would you be willing to bury the hatchet with Dave? does he literally just need to announce he is civic and he wants to be friends again?

A:  Yes.

Q:  How would hope not hate react to you and Dave Jones burying the hatchet in public and then hitting the campaign trail together to restore traditional conservative principles to British Politics in a meaningful way?

A:  I imagine they wouldn't be able to stop themselves from saying something about that.

Q:  How excited do you think the nationalist community are about a potential reconciliation between you and Dave Jones?

A:  Heh heh heh heh heh! HEH!

Q:  If the hate not hope reporter further asked you 1)can you think of any specific negative rhetoric that you aimed at him in public that you will no longer use, or tone down? 2)What makes you think that Dave going civic is enough to justify burying the hatchet 3)Is he of any value to you as an ally?


1) Clearly, I would refrain from saying anything uncomplimentary about Dave if we were to bury the hatchet and smoke our peace pipe.

2) Going civic is not something that either the BDP or the BNP get at all despite my many attempts to discuss it with the head honchos there. They will continue to bumble along in their tired racist way because they know there is nothing I can do about it if they won't engage with me or let me in their party. As I have already said before, the racial nationalists in the BDP said they would vote UKIP in 2015 but cannot quite see how saying this means that they must logically acknowledge that civic nationalism has finally won the argument. The are really a bit thick and stubborn like that.

3) Dave would be useful to me and to nationalism if he reinforces the message that civic nationalism is the only way forward if nationalists don't want to be completely eclipsed by UKIP.

Q:  why do you say that Dave Jones is a thorn in the side of the established parties, when the number of votes he gets is pathetic and he has no chance of ever being elected because he is obviously a loser with no money or even water or electricity, that everybody laughs at

A:  There was a time when the LibLabCon turned the contest into a two horse race because they feared he might split the vote and get through.

Q:  If you were to make a public offer of a reconciliation to Dave Jones, how would you word it, word for word? would you attach any other conditions apart from him going civic?

A:  It is crucial to emphasise the importance of becoming civic nationalists. There is nothing else I want to do now apart from bring home the message that nationalism should now become civic nationalism in order to compete with UKIP who can't even bring themselves to say the N word.

Q:  If the hate not hope reporter further asked you 1)Now that Dave Jones has become civic, does it boost his chances of becoming a Councillor? 2)Are you be willing to go out of your way to help Dave Jones local election campaign, more than ever before 3)Do you respect Daves alternative lifestyle choice


1) He was civic last time. He probably won't ever get elected but he should be there as a thorn in the side of the LibLabCon.
2) Jeffrey Marshall likes visiting Todmorden so we would both go up together.
3) Different strokes for different folks.

Q:  Would you like to take this opportunity to issue an open letter to Dave Jones suggesting a reconciliation and explain why it is not only in the national interest but also in the interests of British nationalism and also in his own interests
A:  There is no need really. All he has to do is read this. You could ask him similar questions, I suppose.

Q:  If the hate not hope reporter further asked you 1)Who was responsible for the original feud 2)if you keep calling dave a loser still will it upset him? 3) Do you intend to be less harsh in your words to Dave from now? 4)Do you still consider Dave to mentally unstable for politics?


1) I put my hands up to saying he was typing like a retard and he may just put his hands up to over-reacting to that.

2) If I did want a reconciliation I wouldn't be calling him a loser, would I? The fact is that nationalists are losers, I am afraid. All Eurosceptics so far have also been losers.

3) I am certainly prepared to refrain from being gratuitously offensive about Dave.

4) As far as I can tell, his emotions are something he can control if he wills it and chooses to do so. Perhaps the last few years have taught him how necessary it is to always be in charge of one's emotions.

Q:  has answering all these hypothetical questions wet your appetite for a reconciliation with Dave? is it to far fetched to think it could happen next year?

A:  I am certainly open to the idea. If he is open to the idea I see no reason why it cannot happen this year.

Q:  If the hate not hope reporter further asked you 1)Does burying the hatchet help dave jones restore some credibility after his public breakdown? 2) Would you ever be willing to campaign on the streets with Dave again? 3) How will you approach your differences with Dave on SSMs and feminism?


1) Of course.
2) I don't see why not if we do bury the hatchet.
3) It is not necessary for him to go on about SSMs and feminism in a local election.

Q:  If the hate not hope reporter further asked you 1)Why was it so important to you for Dave to go civic, considering that you said he was a loser? 2) what does Dave add to civic nationalism? 3) Will Dave Jones peasant lifestyle undermine the image of civic nationalism 4) Is this a gamble for you?


1) It is important for me to promote civic nationalism because it is the only way forward for British nationalism. This is because most decent white people don't see themselves as racist and don't want to be seen as racists. UKIP's success should be enough to show that the civic nationalists have won the argument. Did you know that most of the racial nationalists at the 21 September 2013 meeting in London said they would vote UKIP in 2015? If UKIP does well in 2015, how likely are people to suddenly start voting BNP at the next general election? It is obvious to me that ethno-nationalism is now a dead duck. Dave started out as an ethno-nationalist who had come to the conclusion and had plucked up the courage to say that civic nationalism is the only way forward. If this is now his view again, then he should certainly say it if he believes it. Maybe if he can bring himself to stick to this view, even if he were to later fall out with me again, then he would be seen as a man of principle. There are losers in all political parties and outside politics. Dave is less likely to remain a loser if he is still prepared to consider different and imaginative ideas of promoting his principles.

2) Dave adds himself to civic nationalism. Because of the perceived extremism of his views, he would be reinforcing the message that civic nationalism is the only way forward after his Damascene conversion.

3) I don't see that being a peasant necessarily disqualifies him from being a civic nationalist.

4) Of course I am taking a chance on this.

Q:  If a hate not hope reporter further asked you 1) Does this burying the hatchet further cement you and Dave's image as a couple of cranks? 2) given all the previously nasty words said between you, is this just a cheap publicity stunt? 3) Will burying the hatchet get dave more votes in tod, if so, why


1) It is possible that we will always be viewed as a couple of cranks. It doesn't bother me that much because I am already used to it, and so should he be by now.

2) I don't see why our reconciliation should be described as "cheap" if it is genuine, pragmatic and furthers our political objectives.

3) Burying the hatchet would give Dave more votes because he becomes a more interesting and capable personality for being able to contemplate and effect this reconciliation.

Q:  If the hope not hate reporter further asked you 1)Do you wish to retract any previous suggestion that Dave may find you sexually attractive? 2) What is your message to Nick Griffin in light of these events? 3) Which nationalists would you most like to see follow suit and bury the hatchet


1) Please note that I did not at any time say that I thought Dave found me sexually attractive. Others did. I am happy to say that at no time did he give any suggestion of having lecherous intentions towards me in all the time I knew him.

2) My message to Nick Griffin is that not everyone who crosses him and who is expelled from the BNP is finished in nationalism.

3) I want all nationalists to get along with each other and work for The Cause as effectively and efficiently as they can. The most important thing is that they should be nice to each other and shut up about Jews, Muslims and other races. There is no need to talk about them at all to make our point. It is also completely idiotic to allow the personal to completely overshadow The Cause, so just forgive and forget and resolve to be nice to each other next time you meet. about 14 hours ago

Q:  If the hate not hope reporter further asked you 1)Can Dave Jones be trusted to stick with civic giving his history of mental instability 2)What have you learned from the feud? 3)Does this public ceremony boost your public credibility? 4)which of your political objectives does this most further?


1) Who knows? Best foot forward though, eh?

2) I have learnt that people who don't get my ideas just love the soap opera side of my political life.

3) There really is no need for a public ceremony. A joint public announcement would suffice. The purpose of the reconciliation would be to demonstrate that ethno and civic nationalists can bury their differences and work together. I don't see how that wouldn't give me and Dave more credibility.

4) My objective is to drag the BNP and BDP kicking and screaming, moaning and groaning, crying and wailing away from the darkness and gloom of ethno nationalism and into the sweetness and light of civic nationalism. Making up with Dave would be an excellent way of reinforcing this message, if he is prepared to say he is civic nationalist again.

Q:  at the hatchet burying ceremony in fancy dress, a Hope not hate reporter asks you the following questions 1)Why was it in the national interest for you to end your feud with Dave 2) What are the future implications 3)Will you support dave politically again 4)what do you and dave gain from this


1) Dave Jones is now a civic nationalist again and civic nationalism is the only way nationalists can now compete with UKIP. (This is all hypothetical, of course.)

2) If civic nationalism is now the new nationalist orthodoxy, then Claire Khaw will inevitably become an important figure on the nationalist scene. This would be a good thing because only she can rehabilitate the reputation of nationalism after so many years of being represented solely by Nick Griffin in its antisemitic, Islamophobic racist versions.

3) Dave Jones is serving the purpose of being the stick with which the voters of Todmorden can beat the LibLabCon. I see no reason not to support this.

4) Dave and I would be credited for creating an environment in which the BNP and the BDP will be driven to embrace civic nationalism as the only viable way forward to political respectability and electoral success. It would be a shame to leave the stage entirely to UKIP. about 15 hours ago

Q:  Do you believe that a public hatchet burying ceremony between you and Dave Jones could encourage other civic/ethno nationalists to quash their beef?

A:  I think it might very well be helpful in encouraging nationalists to work together.

Q:  would you be willing to attend the hatchet burying ceremony in fancy dress as a red indian if hope not hate sent a photographer and would you be willing to do an exclusive interview?

A:  The idea of dressing in a Pocahontas costume rather appeals, I have to confess.

Q:  if you and dave issued a public statement together explaining why you have buried the hatchet, ideally what would it say word for word

"Having decided to bury the hatchet on our differences, we wish to continue making the point that the only viable way for British nationalism to grow in strength as a moral and intellectual force in this country is through civic nationalism. Because Nationalism is now the only force for Conservatism in this country in a political and cultural environment of extremist liberalism, it is important that nationalists have a chance to discuss other issues without forever being bogged down by being repeatedly accused of racism by the media. The reason nationalism appears to have failed is because it has been solely and exclusively represented by Nick Griffin who neither wishes to nurture and cultivate talent nor entertain any successful leadership challenges against him by better people. Nick Griffin wishes to remain in power for the sake of remaining in power and to this he must necessarily keep the BNP small and its membership docile. Dave and I wish to promote nationalism as an intellectual and moral force for all the people's of Britain and see the futility of threatening to send non-white British citizens home either forcibly or voluntarily. It is time for nationalism to move on from merely proposing the expulsion of disliked peoples to putting forward the principles of good government that would please all the peoples of Britain, regardless of race and religion."

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