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What the BDP, BNP and the Conservative Party have in common

  • Claire Khaw According to Leon, Kevin Scott's problem with me is not my proposal to make the BDP civic nationalist but to use it as a platform to propagate my antifeminist ideas. Would you agree with this, Kevin?
  • Leon I think your remarks on the disabled might be more offensive to Kevin than your anti-feminism.
  • Claire Khaw Kevin has consistently given me the impression that it was my lackluster speech in Newcastle commending civic nationalism to the ethnos that made him think I am unsuitable to be a member of the BDP, as well as my race, of course.
  • Leon I thought it was quite clear from when Stuart Hamiltonquestioned him on here a few days ago that it was your anti-feminism and comments on disabled children to which he took umbrage.

    He did say that feminism has never been the issue voters want to di
    scuss when he knocks on doors. I get the impression that he feels you and the Brit Dems have entirely different focuses, and that you have nothing of appeal to offer to the party.
  • Claire Khaw Stuart Hamilton Kevin Scott is claire khaw officially banned?
    8 October at 19:49 

    Kevin Scott Hello Stuart, and thanks for your concern about the strange journey of Ms Khaw. As you say, no party (whether UKIP, BNP, Tory, Labour - I think she has joine
    d or attempted to join them all!) will entertain her, so why does she think the BDP will be any different? She was given a chance a year or so ago to state her case on a public platform in Newcastle and failed miserably. She is a poor public speaker and had nothing to say other than the anti-immigration movement in this country should embrace immigrants (like her, obviously!) Everybody was very civil and polite to her and she was made to feel very welcome and given a chance to explain her position, both privately and from the platform. She even went native and sank a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale with the lads!! And that was the end of that!!! I do wish she would find another hobby or past time to occupy her time. Or even follow the advice of the anti-immigration parties she attempts to join and finds the courage to repatriate herself (as a good example to all those immigrants she wants to appeal to via her brand of 'civic nationalism'!) I hope that helped.
    8 October at 19:59 

    Kevin Scott I hate to break the shock news to you, Stuart, but she has nothing useful or even that interesting to say. She is just grandstanding or pursuing some attention-seeking agenda to compensate for the nothingness (it sometimes happens to people from immigrant stock in a strange country) in her life.
    8 October at 20:17

    Kevin Scott Criticise feminism (in the north east of England!)? Is she mad?
    8 October at 20:49

    Kevin Scott (Unlike Claire,) I have knocked on thousands of doors and listened to thousands of ordinary people and although many of them had very strident views about the state of the country, particularly on politically incorrect subjects such as race and immigration, not once did anyone mention feminism, Leon. Sorry to disappoint you!
    8 October at 20:55
  • Claire Khaw It seems Kevin is the kind of "leader" who does not see it as his role to tell the voter anything, only obey their orders.

    Kevin is a Catholic who is too cowardly to support the institution of marriage.

    In many ways he shares the same "leadership" tr
    aits as Nick Griffin, who just gives the members what they want, like an indulgent parent to spoilt, stupid and behaviourally-challenged and probably illegitimate children. 

    Such a mother would favour numbers of quality of offspring, and then wonder why she and her ill-behaved brood are treated with hatred, ridicule and contempt by right-thinking members of society.
  • Leon I am sure that Kevin — as a nationalist if not as a Catholic — has opposed gay marriage.
  • Claire Khaw He is not nationalist and Catholic enough to promote marriage, because he lives in Newcastle, it seems.

Kevin Scott
Kevin Scott15 October 09:42
The BDP draws the line at 'civic' nationalists who pose for pictures like this, Leon.
[For some reason Kevin seems to have deleted this comment.]

Leon Yes, I suspected there was more to your keenness to distance yourself from Khaw than just her civic nationalism.

In any case, that photo is clearly a joke, since Claire is Chinese and was never a member of the Nazi Party. She has also opposed publicly racial and ethnic nationalism.
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  • Claire Khaw That photo has got me into trouble with the Conservative Party who said they expelled me because of it. 

    My defence, which I now extract from the Statement of Grounds I have filed with the Administrative Court, is as follows:

    It is irrational for th
    e Defendant to complain of the photograph of the Claimant or to assume she is a Nazi or an anti-semite simply because she was photographed with a swastika flag behind her. It is her contention that it is impossible for her to be Nazi on the following grounds:

    (i) The Claimant is not a member of the Aryan race.

    (ii) The Claimant is not German or German-speaking. 

    (iii) The Claimant is not a German national.

    (iv) The Claimant is not a member of the German Nazi Party.

    (v) The German Nazi Party is no longer in existence.

    (vi) The Claimant is not anti-semitic.

    (vii) The Claimant, unlike Hitler, is against foreign adventurism and has been known to oppose the involvement of British troops in Muslim countries. 

    (viii) The Claimant does not believe in the racial superiority of any race.

    (ix) The purpose of the Claimant posing for that photograph was to court controversy and then refute accusations through the use of reasoned debate that she is or was a Nazi. 

    (x) The Claimant is no more a Nazi for being photographed with a swastika in the background than it is for her to be a policeman if she were photographed with a police station in the background and a policeman’s helmet on her head.

    You can read the pleadings in full at
    THE FACTS OF LIFE EXPLAINED AND UGLY TRUTHS TOLD The Scream by Edvard Munch graphically expresses what liberals feel when they hear The Voice of Reason - and that is why I am so hated and feared by those whose ideology necessitates a lifelong propagation of Liberal Lies and the cruel and ruthless su...
  • Claire Khaw It seems that the BDP, just like the Conservatives, is not going to attempt to explain the logic of this to its potential voters, probably because they think they are too stupid to understand this. 

    I however believe that the voter and the media can
     be made to understand. I am also happy to assist in this understanding. 

    I would only be too happy to explain this as BDP Media Spokesman. This would of course get a lot of publicity and media interest for the BDP.
  • Claire Khaw It seems that the BDP, BNP and the Tories are just frightened and cowardly men who would sooner submit to irrational public opinion than attempt to change its mind. Am I right or am I right?
  • Claire Khaw This is what Chairman Mao calls "tailism" ie the leader following his followers.
  • Claire Khaw The BDP is just going to proceed to deregistration without doing anything much, it seems, and Kevin is happy for that to happen. 

    He has already given up, because he has said he would vote UKIP in GE 2015. 

    If you have given up already you might as
     well let me be Mdm Chairman.

    If this is done then I together with Adrian Davies the Treasurer would be able to have a good go at introducing an element of Metropolitan Sophistication into British Nationalism. 

    What say you, Kevin?
  • Claire Khaw What is the least you would be prepared to accept from me to resign as Chairman in my favour and recommend that the others accept this, Kevin? You might as well make some money out of it, even though most of you already know that the BDP is now in fact worthless, and I would be the only person capable of making a go of it. 

    If the BNP are now eclipsed by UKIP, then the BDP is in the shadow of the BNP who are in the shadow of UKIP.

I have just been informed by the Administrative Court that the hearing date for The Queen on the application of Khaw v Conservative Party CO/8019/2013  is 21 January 2014.  

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