Tuesday, 15 October 2013

What I will do for the BDP once I buy the Chairmanship off Kevin Scott

  1. Make sure all the members understand "Civic nationalism is a strategy, not a state of mind" and encourage those who do not or cannot understand this to join the NF. 
  2. Declare that in order to be politically, intellectually and morally respectable nationalism must henceforth be solely civic nationalist .  
  3. Declare the BDP to be officially and unambiguously civic nationalist
  4. Forbid any of its members on pain of expulsion to propose publicly or privately (a) apartheid (b) repatriation (c) making non-white British citizens second class citizens
  5. Encourage the BNP to do the same
  6. Declare an intention to merge with the BNP with a view to merging with UKIP after GE 2015, in order to better fight the forces of extremist liberalism in GE 2020.
  7. Declare that neither the BDP nor the BNP should stand against UKIP in GE 2015 
  8. Run debating societies in all branches of the BDP as part of the training of party members
  9. Run a marriage bureau
  10. Offer good deals for weddings who couples who met through the party
  11. Offer cheap honeymoons through the party
  12. Offer marriage contracts through the party
  13. Offer a marriage counselling service through the party
  14. Offer an arbitration service for divorce through the party
  15. Turn the BDP into a debating society to attract the best political talent in the land before merging with UKIP before GE 2020.  


Anonymous said...

Yes the BNP and BDP must merge.

Claire Khaw said...

It's too late for that now that UKIP have completely eclipsed the BNP.