Thursday, 23 January 2014

Who should be the next LibDem leader after Nick Clegg is expelled for bringing the party into disrepute?

I like that Simon Hughes, who is at least legally-trained and will know what I am on about when I propose electoral reform.

I remember him to be a terribly nice chap when he interviewed me as his potential parliamentary secretary, years ago. The silly LibDems didn't choose him because he was neither handsome nor charismatic, but he would have been a safe pair of hands and would never have allowed the LibDem shit to hit the fan in such a spectacularly excremental fashion.

Very sensibly, he has refrained from taking sides in the Lord Rennard affair, which shows a degree of character and old-fashioned mental discipline.

Simon Hughes MP : a safe pair of hands, and the next LibDem leader?  

We also know he cannot be pussywhipped by his wife, being gay and all.  

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