Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Big Immigration Row and what Ian Hislop's contemptuous attitude towards UKIP reveals

Leader of UKIP Nigel Farage, reacts as he looks at an edition of Private eye magazine during a visit to Ramsey in Cambridgeshire while on the local election campaign trail

As is usual in Have I Got News For You, the panelists were shown a photo and invited to make satirical comments about it.  It was this one above. Ian Hislop, the editor of Private Eye who was on the panel groaned and said it would make him lose readers.

Why would it?

Imagine if that were not Nigel Farage but the BNP leader himself, Nick Griffin.

He would have said exactly the same thing.

What is it about Private Eye readers who are so Europhiliac and pro-immigration?  Well, Eye readers are mostly public schoolboys and consist of members of the chattering classes and intelligentsia. Posh people, professional people, rich people, educated people and the political establishment read the Eye, not fucking plebs, and fucking plebs are precisely what these posh professional rich people of the establishment despise.

Plebs are the people who get affected by immigration, of course, and rich clever posh professional people don't give a shit about them. In fact, they love immigration (this was what Tim Stanley of the Telegraph said on the Big Immigration Row) precisely because it means they don't have to deal with the fucking plebs that they so despise, hate and fear.

A working class that is not fit for purpose is just beyond contempt and not worth even talking and thinking about.

What would these posh rich professional do to the plebs who don't work and whom they would never hire? Probably shoot them in the head if they could get away with it.

As they can't get away with it they just replace them with immigrants and sneer and spit at them while they do so.

Posh people think people who complain about immigration are just too fucking lower class for words and really deserve to be kicked in the teeth and their head for their temerity.  (They don't say that, of course, because calling them racist does the job of shutting the fuckers right up.)

What shall we do with these racist plebs?  Why, just carry on kicking them in the head of course. That is so easy to do.  They are after all so stupid and so poor and so ugly and so racist.  They have no comeback at all, with only moral cowards like Nick Griffin representing them.

Pity the plebs.  It is like being an orphan and retard with BO.  People will just avoid you without telling you why.  Even Nick Griffin can't be bothered to tell them exactly what is wrong with them as long as they stay in his party and pay their membership.

What do they need to be told?

They need to be told that the price of having an all-white Britain is to have an indigenous work force that is competitive and sought-after, but no one cares enough to tell a bunch of CHAV and welfare-dependent SSM-parented NEETs that, of course.  They wouldn't understand and if they did would probably turn nasty and do you an injury.

People who run businesses and who hire people know that if all the immigrants left, Britain would be taken right back to the 1970s with wildcat strikes, the three-day week, with frequent visits from the union barons to Downing Street to have their beer and sandwiches.

Very ironically, it is only I, a female and a racial foreigner, who takes the trouble to do so, but they would rather not listen.

And so the elephant in the room gets bigger and bigger as it is again swept under the carpet.
Nick Griffin tweets to the effect that he couldn't be arsed to appear on the "debate".  I wouldn't have enjoyed it either, but duty would have made it clear to me that it would be my job to attend, but Nick Griffin is under no such constraints of behaviour.  If he doesn't feel like going then he won't go, and he is right in that no one can make him go.

He could have sent someone else, but then that person if he performs badly would bring the party into disrepute, and if he performed well would take away too much of the limelight and present himself as leadership material, which wouldn't do with the leadership elections coming up next year.

All who are in his party are plebs and loyalists anyway, incapable of thinking up a strategy to oust him or with enough leadership skills to implement any strategy they might have come up with.

Politics is the business of selling hope to the gullible, uneducated, stubborn, illegitimate, degenerate and stupid, especially in the BNP.  


Anonymous said...

You're spot on about the readership of Private Eye. You've got that down to a tee.

I've read Private Eye before quite a few times and I wasn't greatly impressed. It's as if it's trying too hard to be funny, so many of the jokes inside it fall flat. Alternatively, maybe I'm just too proletarian to understand its advanced humour. It's a magazine for geeks, at any rate. Certainly, if you were to present Jeremy Kyle Jobcentre types with a copy of Private Eye, it'd be about as useful as giving a smartphone to a monkey.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Also, is it just me or does Nigel Farage look like John Major in that pic? It ain't a good pic anyway, there's a lot of skin sagging off his chin as well.