Monday, 24 February 2014

The libertarian purpose behind legalising infanticide if ever implemented would be to shame sluts

It is more despicable to commit infanticide because you are a fornicatress who didn't want your baby than it is to be a fornicatress who had an abortion because she was suffering from unwanted pregnancy.  

We know how prostitutes in ancient times practised their trade before the invention of modern contraception. They would sell their body to paying men till they became too pregnant to to ply their trade, have the baby, kill it, rest for a bit, and then carry on working after a brief convalescence, and the cycle would begin again.  

Disgusting, isn't it?

This perfectly demonstrates the link between casual copulation and casual killing.  Any society that would countenance most of its women regularly killing their unwanted illegitimate babies conceived as a result of casual copulation really would deserve to become extinct, would it not? Or at the very least invaded, exploited, abused and enslaved.

A libertarian state should give sluts the rope to hang themselves.

A libertarian state would not presume to stop sluts from disposing of their unwanted babies either before or after birth.

Sluts are the agents of illegitimacy and therefore the agents of degeneracy and corruption.

If promiscuous women are seen to be ones frequently killing their babies because they are too stupid, careless and lazy to practise effective contraception, then in time they will come to be ostracised by society.

Currently, Western men are terrified of offending sluts.

Remember, sluts are fornicatresses who are the agents of illegitimacy and therefore the agents of degeneracy and corruption, who will destroy your civilisation with their promiscuity and inability to practise effective contraception. Sluts are stupid too.  If you are a bastard, then half your genes are full of stupid slut genes, and the other half full of the genes of an MCSF (Morally-Compromised Slut-Fucker). What would happen to your country if most of your countrymen and countrywomen are like that?
"people with a learning disability, whose numbers are growing by up to 5% a year and who can require care and support costing a typical £1,500 a week"  Most of the mothers of the learning disabled will be SSMs.

And still no British male politician will criticise the irrational and irresponsible reproductive choices of stupid sluts.

"Out of the corruption of women proceeds the corruption of races; out of the corruption of races, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and out of this all evil."  

Bhagavad Gita


snork maiden said...

Because of course, men have no sexual agency do they? But you're only disgusted with women, right?

Claire Khaw said...

It behoves the party with the most to lose to be more careful.

snork maiden said...

So you acknowledge the hypocrisy and double standard, you just have no problem with it? Presumably you live in world where men have no sexual desire and would happily live in celibacy where it not for women tempting them to sinfulness?
With the current system a man is financially liable for any children he helps to produce, so currently such men do have something to lose.

Claire Khaw said...

Not really sure what you are accusing me of, Snork.