Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Who will be MP in the marginal constituency of Keighly after GE 2015? Or more to the point, which horse shall I back?

Unpleasant things said about Susan Press who may be the Labour PPC for GE 2015:

She has said she "would not be afraid to tackle sensitive issues head on", which sounds promising. I rather liked Lord Glasman's BNP-esque proposals and perhaps she will find herself in a position to revive them.  It is really is the only thing that would work for Labour now.

The Blue Tory Labour peer forced to apologise for saying something genuinely popular.

To win GE 2015, they would actually would have to be more right-wing than the Tories, but that ain't hard to do when our Tory PM will go down in history for legalising gay marriage.  Perhaps Lord Glasman can be induced to spend the weekend with her in Hebden Bridge before being taken over to Keighley to have a look at the lie of the land.  That would be an excellent way of  getting oneself talked about.

If, for example, the Labour Party proposed repealing the Equality Act 2010 in their GE 2015 manifesto and promised an EU referendum too, then clinched it with the promise of abolishing no-fault divorce, the Tories would be left winded, stunned and writhing on the ground ...

Unpleasant things said about Kris Hopkins MP by Nadine Dorries:

All the parties are the same anyway, with candidates forced to toe the party line or else, and the LibLabCon are a corrupt cartel who conspire to deprive the "consumer" of choice by fixing the price, rigging the market and keeping out the competition.  We all know that.  However, just for a bit of fun, I will start taking an interest in what they do and say from now on.

At this stage I incline towards Susan because she followed me on Twitter, which I found enormously flattering when I discovered my new follower this morning, but I shall keep an open mind.  I intend to be scrupulously impartial and judge them on the eight following non-policy matters:

  1. character
  2. tactics
  3. communication skills
  4. creative risk-taking
  5. integrity
  6. ruthlessness
  7. the ability to talk oneself out of hole
  8. the ability to be economical with the truth without telling lies

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