Monday, 28 April 2014

"I had four abortions"

A leading abortion provider says more needs to be understood about why some women have repeat terminations.

Says a man I know who knows:

What lies behind repeat termination?

The fact that these females are reckless slags who love the feeling of a man ejaculating inside them and then use abortion as a simple form of contraception.

Now some of you may think that is coarse, rude, incorrect even.

But it's the plain and simple truth.

"Lisa" claimed she didn't have any sex education. Did Jane Dreaper ask her which school she went to? Could she be the sort of woman who lies?

The more promiscuous the woman the more mentally unstable, and the more she lies to escape the consequences of her stupidity and promiscuity.

Do you think this "Lisa" has the kind of parents who would have withdrawn her from sex education? Is she still in touch with them?

Is it possible that "Lisa" could have been truanting having under-aged sex during her sex education classes?

Did "Lisa" pay for her four abortions or was the taxpayer forced to cough up for this slag's sex life through the NHS?  Liberals pay taxes too, don't they?  When will male taxpayers wise up, even if he likes to think of himself as a good liberal? Is the male liberal just a big mug these days, or even the biggest mug of all?

"Lisa", an SSM no less, said she hoped to buy a house in London as a public sector slut and parasite.  Is this a sign of her stupidity or her ambition?

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