Wednesday, 2 April 2014

My comment on gay marriage The Conservative Woman deleted because the admin does not like me

"I have known for years that the British public despise the religious. While they fear Muslims who may retaliate if they are insulted too much, they think Catholics - known to have paedo priests - are beyond contempt and are fair game, especially if their beliefs are represented by a prissy middle class blond woman talking about God.

I could perhaps better represent The Conservative Woman, since I am capable of expounding on the nature and purpose of marriage in evolutionary and eugenic terms without feeling I have to invoke God.

Were I to invoke God I would only say that He is the Santa for grown-ups and the Pope no more than the High Priest of the Cult of Santa for Adults.

I would also say that God was created by Man to protect him from the slut, against whom he is otherwise defenceless.

The reason why man needs to be protected from The Slut is simply to prevent his civilisation - and the labour, enterprise and creativity of his ancestors as well as his blood, sweat and tears - from being trashed by a barbaric, feckless and pornocratic matriarchy."

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