Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Mistakes Nick Griffin made

"Firstly: Media Gaffes

Griffin made three huge media games. His Question Time performance was a joke, this one single event was probably the biggest individual failure that befell the BNP. Afterwards he had no credibility. He came over as a coward - a pathetic, twitching, gibbering, silly face pulling, lying imbecile. It was a hammer blow. The next media gaffe was the mis-handling of the EHRC case, he should have simply accepted non-whites into the party. It was a case he couldn't win, but coming out of it looking less racist he could have turned it to his advantage - he however didn't. He fought it in court and came over as if he wanted to stop patriots joining him simply down to the tone of their skin, this also cost the party hundreds of thousands of pounds. So not only did it ensure he was seen as a racist, it cost him financially. Finally, running to the press claiming I was trying to kill him ruined what was left of the party's image in the run up to the General Election. No one is voting for a party where the members are killing each other off, it made the party look as bad as the media claimed!

Secondly: Man Management

Griffin always falls out with people. This massively destabilised the party's inner machinery. Every time someone got used to doing a role well - he would sack them or fall out with them. The team rarely worked as bonds were never allowed to form. Dozens and dozens of talented individuals who had started to get to grips with their roles were cast out in favour of 'newbies' who had to learn the role from scratch. Thus rarely did anyone get to grips with doing a job properly. I worked design for 10 years and it took me a long time to get as good as I did. Many people never had that time and rarely did an area of the party enjoy that stability and growth. Griffin also poured resources into idiotic projects. He would rather spend a full time wage employing someone to do 'freedom of information requests' or 'record songs' than he would pay a full time elections officer or council support officer. He would always favour a crazy scheme over a sound one based around political growth. This drew resources away from the front line and wasted them on projects that never bore fruit.

Thirdly: Financial Shenanigans

Griffin could never stay solvent - hence why he has been a bankrupt twice. It was always spend, spend, spend - and often on silly things. Bloated expenses, silly projects, offices in the middle of nowhere, recording studios, battered cars - you name it he would waste money on it. He would always spend more than he should and never worked to a budget, hence crippling debts that eventually destroyed the ability of the part to function. Unpaid bills caused supply chains to be cut and eventually the party even scrapped institutions like Identity Magazine - which at one point was being sent out to nearly 15,000 people. Freedom was drastically cut back, offices ended up being closed and sadly nearly all of the extremely expensive machinery that was 'invested' in was lost due to poor record keeping and bad man management.

Fourthly: Personal Appearance"

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