Tuesday, 13 May 2014

What is happening to the English and Catholics?
The Pope has forgotten about the Nicene Creed and the doctrine of the Trinity, it seems. Is he suffering from dementia?

Anyone can be a Catholic these days, even an alien from another planet, according to the supposedly infallible Pope. If I hear tomorrow that we now need a new Pope because someone has poisoned his tea, I would rejoice. I cannot help but feel sympathetic twinges of mortification and embarrassment on behalf of Catholics every time I hear that he has made some unCatholic pronouncement. What must Robert Mugabe, raised as a Catholic, think of the white man?  I shudder to think.
Robin Tillbrook represents the modern Englishman. His eloquence and charisma have to be witnessed to be believed. Is he the very model of a modern Eurosceptic Englishman?
English Democrats - 2014 Party Political Broadcast

This is what passes for Englishness these days. Do you, like me, wonder what is the average IQ of the English Democrats?  I suspect it is even lower than that of the BNP.  

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