Friday, 6 June 2014

Philosophical and legal questions on rape

Is being raped while you're unconscious slightly "better" than being raped while conscious?

This was a question asked today by one of the members of Public Debate at

  • Yes
  • No
  • Depends on who the rapist is

You would have to get a girl, rape her in two different ways and then ask her how she feels after each experience.

For the purposes of the procedure of this hypothetical experiment, should she first be raped while she is conscious or unconscious?

I would suggest that it would be more "efficient" to rape her while she is conscious and then ask her if she would prefer to be raped while she was unconscious or unconscious the second time you rape her

Her answer would be telling as to how much she resented or enjoyed the experience.

Which is worse?

  • rape by someone with whom one has previously had consensual sex
  • rape by a complete stranger

If a rape victim is financially compensated, should the circumstances of the rape and her sexual history be taken account into account when establishing the quantum for damages, or should a virgin receive the same sum as a common prostitute?

  • a virgin should be compensated more than a common prostitute
  • a virgin and common prostitute should receive the same compensation

Is it the greatest injustice to treat unequal things equally?

Should marital rape come under the category of unreasonable behaviour rather than rape in its strictly understood sense, since a marriage can be annulled if it is not consummated, with the implication that each party to the marriage has a duty to have sex with the other?

  • Marital rape should be considered a species of unreasonable behaviour, and no more.
  • A husband who rapes his wife should be punished as severely as a burglar who rapes a householder's wife or a woman who is a householder.

Should all who marry be required to agree a marriage contract and the marriage contract stipulate frequency of sex as one of its terms?  (It is perfectly possible to stipulate in the marriage contract the number of times one's spouse can be required to have sex in a given week/month/quarter/year, and whether they can be "rolled over" in the event of unavoidable spousal absence or indisposition.)

Is it logically possible to obey a woman when she commands you to rape her?

"The freer with her favours the average British woman is, the less should be the sum of compensation for an act of rape."  Agree/Disagree

"The compensation for rape should be based on what a professional prostitute would charge for the sex act in question, multiplied according to the amount of force used, as well as the sexual history of the rape victim."  Agree/Disagree

Is it "better" to be raped while conscious or unconscious?

Measures aimed at addressing drop in rape convictions launched

Alison Saunders says "myths and stereotypes" must be addressed
Let us hope "our" Alison will not be the next Mary Kellett. She is clearly biased against anyone who does not conform to her PC feminazi views.
Why was Alison Saunders of the *gender imbalanced* London CPS "disappointed" that John Terry was acquitted of a racially aggravated offence?

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