Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Feminazi Labour MP Jane Basham has reported my tweet

Ed Miliband pussywhipped by Luciana Berger and forced to apologise

Feminazis in Labour destroyed Lord Glasman's career

Let's face it, most men used to respect marriage ONLY BECAUSE it was the only respectable means of getting sex and having children.

Now that almost no one thinks it is necessary to marry before you have sex or children, marriage appears to have become redundant.

The more redundant marriage appears to be, the less likely it is to be respected, and more people will see it as stupid to respect it.

If most women are sluts and most mothers SSMs, then most children are bastards, and most men MCSFs or SPOSSMs.

SSM = Slut Single Mother

MCSF =  Morally-Compromised Slut-Fucker

SPOSSM = Sex Partner of Slut Single Mother

MOBFOB = Mother of Bastard still living with Father of Bastard

FOBMOB = Father of Bastard still living with Mother of Bastard

You can imagine the morals and government of people who are mostly SSMs, MCSFs, SPOSSMs, MOBFOBs and FOBMOBs, can't you?

Since most people in Britain are as I described, it is not surprising that no political party in the land will support marriage.

What happens if we do not support marriage? It means the loss of parental and masculine authority, and fornicating sluts taking over, establishing their pornocratic matriarchy and turning your civilisation into SHIT.

What does it mean for men in the long term?

Our government will just turn into the government of Jamaica where the percentage of SSMs was already 85% in 2007.

The majority of Jamaicans clearly have no interest in the 'traditional' western married nuclear family lifestyle. Otherwise we would not have 85 per cent of babies born out of wedlock. 

So the West and its people and government are heading towards Jamaica, but will not enjoy its fine weather.

If male politicians fear to do the right thing because they already know most of their voters will punish them for it, and they are paralysed by the political imperative of only winning the next election, is there a fatal flaw in democracy that cannot be solved without correcting the grave and tragic error of indiscriminate universal suffrage?

Is the fatal flaw of democracy a government for sluts and bastards for sluts and bastards?

Do people deserve the government they get?

Do politicians simply pander to the vices of their voters, fearing to give moral leadership because they know they will only be punished for it?

Are their manifestos nothing more than a list of bribes and promises they cannot keep?

Do politicians really know what is in the long term national interest it, or ever promote it?

Do feminists ever think of the national interest, or is it an alien concept for them?

Is feminism only about privileging women because they are women and nothing else?

Does feminism encourage women to be sluts and bribe men with cheap slut sex?

Are British men all the way up to the Prime Minister lower than sluts because they are terrified of offending them?

Are male politicians terrified of offending sluts because they are half their voters? (If most British women are sluts then most female voters are sluts.)

Do female MPs vote differently from male MPs?

Should only taxpayers have the vote?

Should bachelors be treated as second class citizens?

How chasing the female vote increased our taxes and the size of the state while reducing our liberties

Why not have a one-party state if it makes more sense?

Frank Field: "As debt levels soar, a national government [AKA one-party state] may be the only way we can pull through" 

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