Saturday, 21 June 2014

Why England are useless at football

One of the more technical points Stuart Pearce made, {i'll try to simplify it} was...

In 2011 England were playing in the Under 20 year old World Cup FIFTY SIX players who were eligible to play for England in that tournament refused to play in it.


Some were genuinely injured, but the vast majority were told not to play because their clubs didn't want them to risk getting  injured.

Many of them pulled out purely because the tournament is held in the summer and they wanted to go an a lads holiday with their mates.

EVERY other footballing country takes the Under 20 World Cup seriously.

But in England the mentality is one of pure laziness and slackness.

This mentality is rife throughout the English football industry.

Other football nations call England the Dark Ages of football.

But this slack mentality is also rife throughout English culture.

These boys are not raised to be men.

They aren't raised to be focused or to work hard.

The mentality is incredibly weak amongst English footballers.

That begins in the home.

They are a perfect representative of England and English people.

The last really good tournament for England was in 1996.

It would be really interesting to know, of all the players who have played for England since then, how many of them were raised in a decent, stable family?

SSMs are hardly likely to take their sons to football practice, are they?

See for horrific rates of UK illegitimacy in 2012. Do you think it is getting better or worse?

Do you think feminists give a fuck about the future or team sports?  

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Anonymous said...

The reason Premier League clubs buy foreign players is because they are cheaper and more skilled than many of the English players.