Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Yvonne Ridley leads hysterical and incoherent attack on Ed Husain

Apparently saying anything that makes a feminist hate you is "misogyny", even if you give them well-meant advice about what not to wear if you think there is an Islamophobic murderer lurking around.

What Not To Wear must be deeply misogynistic then.

And then all this crap about men not being allowed to offer their opinion on what women should wear. Why the hell are men always being asked by fat women "Does my bum look big in this?" and then crucified for giving the "wrong" answer?

Do women who fret about what to wear not dress for men?

Can you imagine how many people Yvonne Ridley would send to the Tower if she were the Queen of Hearts, on a bad day?

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Former Hull Resident said...

What a stupid fucking article! I read his original tweet as "Perhaps we don't want to stand out as potential targets for psychopaths with an axe to grind." If Milwall were playing Hull City the last thing I would do is go to a pub on the Isle of Dogs in my city shirt. Should I be able to, without the fear of violence? Of fucking course!! Is this the reality if the world? No it fucking isn't. This is not blaming the victim it is looking for ways to reduce the risk of it happening again. We already have jails as a deterrent for stabbing people, but until we come up with an infallible way to stop racist arseholes attacking Muslims, if you want to reduce your chances of becoming a victim, try to be as inconspicuous as possible. And yes, I know "you shouldn't have to." And no, I don't think it is the only step we should be taking as a society to solve the problem. And yes I think the fault lays entirely with the attacker. And yes if love a country /world where this never happens BUT WE DONT FUCKING LIVE IN ONE so take common sense precautions to minimize your risk. This argument also applies to rape, mugging, burglary, kidnapping and every other fucking crime on the planet.