Friday, 12 September 2014

‘Fat shaming’ doesn’t encourage weight loss, says female who conducted research and female who funded research

Arthur Schopenhauer, On Women:

"The fundamental defect of the female character is a lack of a sense of justice. This originates first and foremost in their want of rationality and capacity for reflexion but it is strengthened by the fact that, as the weaker sex, they are driven to rely not on force but on cunning: hence their instinctive subtlety and their ineradicable tendency to tell lies: for, as nature has equipped the lion with claws and teeth, the elephant with tusks, the wild boar with fangs, the bull with horns and the cuttlefish with ink, so it has equipped woman with the power of dissimulation as her means of attack and defence, and has transformed into this gift all the strength it has bestowed on man in the form of physical strength and the power of reasoning. Dissimulation is thus inborn in her and consequently to be found in the stupid woman almost as often as in the clever one. To make use of it at every opportunity is as natural to her as it is for an animal to employ its means of defence whenever it is attacked, and when she does so she feels that to some extent she is only exercising her rights. A completely truthful woman who does not practice dissimulation is perhaps an impossibility, which is why women see through the dissimulation of others so easily it is inadvisable to attempt it with them. – But this fundamental defect which I have said they possess, together with all that is associated with it, gives rise to falsity, unfaithfulness, treachery, ingratitude, etc. Women are guilty of perjury far more often than men. It is questionable whether they ought to be allowed to take an oath at all."

The Koran is more liberal than Schopenhauer and definite allows women to be witnesses to loan agreements, however.
Discrimination against overweight and obese people does not help them to lose weight, finds new UCL research funded by Cancer Research UK. has the exchange between Nick Morris and Gaby Hinsliff

Do please note that this research has been conducted by two women who are very probably feminists.

Feminists believe in privileging women simply for being women and are infamous for their belief that while women should be in charge of everything, they can never be held responsible for anything. That would be the prerogative of the whore, by the way: power without responsibility.

It seems women are so utterly devoid of freewill and responsibility that they are no longer even responsible for what they put into their mouths.

Why do men put up with this rubbish? Because feminism has turned them into a shadow of their former selves after bribing them with cheap slut sex for decades.

Dr Sarah Jackson:
“There is no justification for discriminating against people because of their weight,” says lead author Dr Sarah Jackson (UCL Epidemiology & Public Health). “Our results show that weight discrimination does not encourage weight loss, and suggest that it may even exacerbate weight gain.

Professor Jane Wardle:

Senior author Professor Jane Wardle, director of the Cancer Research UK Health Behaviour Centre at UCL, says: “Our study clearly shows that weight discrimination is part of the obesity problem and not the solution. Weight bias has been documented not only among the general public but also among health professionals; and many obese patients report being treated disrespectfully by doctors because of their weight. Everyone, including doctors, should stop blaming and shaming people for their weight and offer support, and where appropriate, treatment.”

 I think everyone should take this research with a huge pinch of salt, eat less and exercise more. 

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